Write for Us

If you’re a passionate writer, we’d  love to feature you on The Utopian Life. One thing we emphasize is “well-researched articles.” Please link to reputable sources and back up your main points with research.

Our main topics include:

  • Mindset — changing and improving the way you look at things.
  • Productivity.
  • Willpower, self-discipline.
  • Life-hacks.
  • Improving relationships — love, careers, personal.
  • Psychology related articles.
  • Social intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence.

If any of these topics resonate with you, send your article to our editor-in-chief, Thai: here.

Not sure what to write on? Send us some potential articles titles and we’ll go from there. Please include any published articles you have so we can get an idea of your writing style.

Here are some more guidelines:

Word count: Between 700 – 1000 words.

Tone: Be personal—people love to connect with your unique voice. Try to use the active voice in your writing as as much possible.

Make it Practical! Write with purpose and clear actionable steps. The reader should come away with tips that they can apply right away.

Use research and quote experts: try and back up any claims and facts by linking to studies and mentioning research.

Bio and promotion: Please include your photo and brief bio containing links to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, which I will promote when your post goes live.

**Due to the high number of submissions, and the time it takes to edit, format, and promote articles, there is a small fee for all guest articles and sponsored articles**