We offer two opportunities to have your work featured on The Utopian Life:

  1. Personal Bloggers & Writers
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Bloggers & Writers 

We ask for well-researched articles. So be sure to link to research. Topics include:

  • Mindset — changing and improving the way you look at things.
  • Productivity; Willpower; Self-discipline.
  • Relationships — love, careers, personal.
  • Psychology; Social Intelligence; Emotional Intelligence.

If any of these topics resonate with you, send your article to our editor-in-chief: HERE.

Bio and promotion: Please include your photo and brief bio containing links to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, which I will promote when your post goes live.

Please note: this is not a job posting. We do not pay bloggers for articles. 

Businesses, Advertisers, Markerting

At the moment, we have limited space for sponsored content. Please send your inquiries to our editor-in-chief: HERE.


ARTICLES:  ***No essay writing or adult links; must inquire and disclose any gambling, CBD, medical, or controlled drug related links; maximum of 3 do-follow links; publication grants you a website url; articles are to be provided by you, or you may request our team to draft; placement on homepage or social media sharing is not included; no further edits once article is live; links can be marked “do-follow” or “no-follow” per your instructions; posts will not be marked with “sponsored” tags.

LINK INSERTION:  Please email paragraphs or sentences with your link already embedded/hyperlinked in text exactly as you would like. Our editors should simply need to cut and paste. DO NOT send links and text separately. We cannot control when Google trawls/indexes new publications so do not follow up with requests to idex an article. Please keep your article under 900 words. Send article as Word, Pages, text in email, or google docs link, NOT PDF.