Why is Cell Line Development Important?

Many of us take for granted the biopharmaceutical drugs we use. However, they haven’t always been so readily available. In fact, it wasn’t until 1982 that the first biopharmaceuticals became available. Since then, they have revolutionized the treatment of an enormous range of diseases and medical conditions. In fact, they are now used in almost every area of medicine.

In recent years, we have seen a considerable increase in the number of new biopharmaceuticals being produced. As well as this, we have seen increased demand for new biopharmaceutical products. However, unfortunately, it can take many years for these drugs to be discovered and tested.

This is where cell line development comes in. Keep reading below to find out all about cell line development and why it is so important:

What is Cell Line Development?

Cell line development is the first step in the process of producing biopharmaceutical drugs. Biopharmaceutical companies use it to examine the efficiency of drug discovery, in-vitro testing, and drug toxicity.

What Does Cell Line Development Involve?

Cell line development involves the production of recombinant proteins such as bi-spec monoclonal antibodies, growth factors, enzymes, and more recently, immunotherapy for cancer treatment. In the past, cell line development took a long time. However, today, thanks to the introduction of a range of innovative technology, cell line development can be completed much faster.

Why Is Cell Line Development So Important?

There are many reasons why cell line development is so important. The main reason is that cell lines offer enormous potential for biopharmaceuticals’ discovery, development, and production.

Over the last few years, many new biopharmaceuticals were introduced that were created using cell line development. These biopharmaceuticals play a considerable role in therapeutic and novel antibody-based therapies and are used in many areas of medicine.

As well as this, cell line development can also reduce the time, effort, and cost spent manually developing these drugs. While you may not think that time and cost are important when developing new biopharmaceuticals, they are. In fact, evidence has shown that drugs that cost too much to manufacture, take too long to develop, or would cost too much money to buy are unlikely to get further than the clinical trial phase. Unfortunately, this means that these drugs never make it onto the market.

However, cell line development can be used to increase the chances of these drugs reaching our shelves. While this may be true, cell line development is challenging. Thankfully, cell line development services can help; they have the technology and expertise to develop cell lines quickly and effectively.

As you can see, developing new biological products can be extremely difficult. However, developing new biopharmaceuticals is crucial if we want to overcome diseases such as cancer. The good news is that new innovative technology can help with this. Cell line development technology can be used to discover new drugs and examine the efficiency of drug toxicity. As well as this, it can also reduce the time, cost and effort spent developing these drugs. This can help to reduce the chances of research drugs not making it past the clinical trial phase.