The Most Common Home Adaptions for Seniors

As individuals get older, the home that they live in may no longer be suitable or safe for them. If you are getting older and still living in your own home and want to stay there for as long as possible, then some home adaptions might be necessary in order for you to continue doing so safely and easily. Safety is a big concern for seniors, and familiar places around the home such as the bathroom or kitchen can become dangerous places for somebody with mobility issues.

Aging in Place

It is often much easier to age in one place compared to traveling to stay with different family members or remaining in a home that is no longer safe for you. While it is possible to make these adaptions on your own home, this can often be a costly and time-consuming job. For many seniors, the best decision is to move to somewhere that is ready-made for their needs. Assisted living communities are a great choice as they permit elders to have as much independence as possible, while offering support and ensuring that their homes are suitable. Look for assisted living near me to find nearby options.

Ramp Installations

Steps are a common barrier that people face as they get older. Getting up steps may no longer be as easy as it used to be, and just one step can be a fall risk for a senior who is not very steady on their feet. One common adaption to homes, and an adaption that is commonplace across senior living facilities is the installation of ramps on steps. This increases mobility and makes it easier for seniors to use mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs to get to the upper level.

Doorway Widening

For seniors who use a wheelchair to get around, a standard doorway can create a lot of problems. These will often not be able to accommodate most wheelchairs. Doorway widening in a home can be quite a costly adaptation to make, which is why many seniors choose to move to an assisted living facility instead where this feature will come as standard. A wider doorway allows for easier movement throughout the home even when using a wheelchair.

Bathroom Modifications

Using the bathroom can cause a lot of safety risks for many elderly people. The bath or shower can be a dangerous, slippery zone for somebody who doesn’t have great mobility. Or using the toilet could cause problems such as being unable to get back up once they have sat down. There are various bathroom modifications that are worth making in the home of a senior person, such as adding grab bars and rails on the walls that they can hold onto for security or for getting themselves in and out of the bath or shower.

For many older people, the rooms they have used every day at home for many years can become hazardous. Home adaptations or moving to a place where these already come as standard, might be essential to safety.