7 Ways DWI Affects Your Everyday Life

We all make mistakes. So, more often than not, people can end up in a situation they would never imagine or would regret getting into. DWI is no exception. 

Social drinking is a usual thing, and after a few drinks, people may underestimate the influence of alcohol and overestimate their ability to drive in such a condition. 

A DWI conviction may have both an immediate and long-lasting effect on people’s lives. While most people are aware of the direct effect it causes, like driving license suspension, possible jail time, and fines, few are aware of other more subtle ways in which DWI can influence their everyday life.

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Keep reading to learn about actual ways DWI affects people’s everyday lives.

Impacting finances 

First of all, DWI conviction influences personal finances as it is not cheap and requires covering many costs. Depending on various specific conditions of the given case, associated expenses can vary much and get high. 

In addition, trials and possible jail time may influence your earnings or ability to perform your job tasks. Furthermore, such a conviction may play a role in applying for a scholarship because some schools do a background check and require applicants to show their criminal records. 

Car insurance expenses

After a DWI conviction, car insurance costs go up significantly. Sometimes the insurance may even get canceled, and a new one may cost several times higher than the previous one. It may also be harder to find further insurance coverage too. 

Besides, it may also influence life insurance costs, as DWI is considered high-risk behavior and may result in death if a fatal car accident occurs. 

Difficulties with employment 

Despite affecting the person’s current job, having a DWI conviction on the record may significantly influence hiring. Many job seekers do a background check, and DWI conviction doesn’t look good in the criminal record. 

In addition, suppose the person gets their driving license suspended. In that case, it restricts their possibility to apply for jobs closely connected to driving, such as a driver, delivery person, and many more, thus limiting their choice and opportunities. 

Losing driving license

Losing a driving license limits job opportunities and creates lots of other inconveniences in everyday life. It makes it more difficult to commute to work or move around the neighborhood. Going places becomes more challenging as taxis may be too costly, and public transportation may be time-consuming and not always reliable enough when one needs to get to work on time. One will need to look for various transport options constantly. 


The next aspect may be the least known or the least apparent one affected by a DWI conviction. You may be surprised, but some countries may refuse entry for the person convicted of a DWI offense. 

For example, DUI is a severe crime in Canada, so that the government may deny someone entry to the country with such a record. 

Secondly, Japan, China, and Malaysia conduct a thorough background check. The list further includes Mexico, which prohibits entry for people with DUI convictions, South Africa, UAE, Australia, and others.   

Personal and work relations 

Many people disregard how DWI conviction may influence their relationship with friends and family. Not only is the trial process difficult and stressful, but even after having fulfilled all the necessary legal obligations, the person may feel some tension and uneasiness when socializing. 

Friends and family might be over cautious at first when addressing the issue. Secondly, the convicted people may feel embarrassed and unsure how others treat them. 

Professional relations may suffer, too, as a DWI conviction may jeopardize the person’s reputation and, in some extreme cases, lead to the professional licenses suspension.     

Mental health 

The last but not the most negligible factor is mental health. As said, trials are stressful for almost everybody, and various difficulties and expenses connected to DWI do not make this period easier. In addition, in case of a car accident while DWI may negatively influence one’s state of mental health. 

All in all, these are just a few ways DWI can influence people’s lives. They may have long-lasting effects and create significant inconveniences.