5 Surprising Health Wonders Water Can Do to Our Body

Our bodies are composed mainly of water; therefore, proper hydration is important because it facilitates the running of the core functions. Whenever we feel thirsty, our bodies are demanding a water refill to ensure we live. Dehydration can affect our well-being and trigger other catastrophic health conditions. We might not necessarily drink the proverbial 8 glasses daily because keeping our bodies hydrated is all that matters.

It is important to drink clean water as much as possible. Water flushes out waste from our bodies, enhances brain function, and regulates our body temperatures. Therefore, we get most water from beverages and foodstuffs that only contribute an insignificant amount. Here are some health benefits we get from drinking water.

Nutrients Circulation

Water facilitates the movement of nutrients from one part of the body to the other. Once digestion happens, water transports the minerals and vitamins to the respective organs and tissues. When dehydrated, these nutrients will not move and the respective body parts will be deprived. Therefore, proper water circulation in the body protects our tissues, joints, and spinal cords through effective lubrication and cushioning.

Our bodies will appear relaxed because water triggers excellent physical activity and lowers discomfort resulting from a condition like arthritis. Water does not only facilitate nutrient circulation, but also helps in waste excretion through defecation, urination, and perspiration. Our bodies use water to trigger bowel movements, urinate, and even sweat.

Enhanced Digestive System

Saliva is mainly composed of water and other trivial amounts of enzymes, mucus, and electrolytes. Saliva facilitates the digestion of solid food and keeps our mouths healthy. Whenever we consume water, enough saliva is produced even though the content may decrease because of different therapies or ages. If dehydrated, our mouths look dry and cannot easily break down solid foodstuffs; therefore, demanding instant water intake.

Our digestive unit disintegrates foods to have nutrients being supplied to the right tissues and organs while the toxins and waste are eliminated by water. Water also dissolves soluble fiber and fats, therefore, preventing constipation. Eating fiber may not prevent constipation, and so sufficient water intake boosts our bowel movements. Water can be carbonated to ease our constipation symptoms. Therefore, we are advised to constantly consume water before and after meals to benefit from them accordingly.

Body Temperature Regulation

After an inspired workout or fever, our hearts pump faster, muscles ache, and we sweat profusely. Sweating lowers our body temperatures, therefore, cooling down the intolerable heat. Drinking water hydrates our bodies and also upgrades our skin’s elasticity.

When living in hot environments or engaging in intense physical activities, we lose a lot of water, plasma, and electrolytes and so water helps to replenish and manage the rapidly rising body temperature. Some of us suffer from migraine and headaches when dehydrated, and proper water consumption reduces the severity or even prevents the pain.

Stimulated Brain Function

Our brains are strongly dependent on our hydration statuses. Mild dehydration can impair our brain functionality through reduced concentration and mood. Dehydration also increases the occurrence of headaches whose happenings are controlled by the brain. Our working memory can also be affected by dehydration because it stimulates fatigue and anxiety.

Destabilized brains are less productive and creative; therefore, we must keep water intake levels higher. The brain also controls other body parts like the kidneys, skin response, and it also influences our thirst mechanism. It determines how much urine and sweat will be excreted and also drives us to take more. Therefore, we must be hydrated to avoid interference with these and other involuntary processes.

Better Physical Performance

Our body tissues are made of water and so proper levels increase strength and resilience. Low water levels deprive the tissues of electrolytes especially after we engage in some physical activities. Water keeps our joints moving and fluid. Joint pain results from insufficient water consumption used for lubrication. Therefore, we need safe drinking water to maintain our intense physical performance or in times of high heat.

Athletic activities stimulate sweating and water loss that triggers more fatigue, reduced motivation, and poor temperature control. Dehydration can also complicate mental and physical exercises. Therefore, effective hydration manages oxidative stress emanating from high-intensity physical activities and keeps us moving at our absolute best.


Water consumption suits almost all our body parts. Therefore, taking the recommended daily ounces can maintain our well-being and improve our overall health situation. Water transports nutrients to the respective tissues and organs, facilitates digestion, balances the body temperatures, enhances brain efficiency, and helps us to uphold our excellent physical performance.