How to Keep a Healthy Environment at Home

         We see our homes as safe, private sanctuaries where nothing can touch us. Unfortunately, many subtle or invisible factors make our home environment unhealthy. Indoor hazards can take many forms: harmful habits, toxic household cleaning products, poor air quality, low tap water quality, pests, and not only. To avoid or eliminate these threats, you will need to be proactive.

Read on to discover how to keep a healthy environment at home.

Maintain Good Air Quality

         Scientists consider indoor air pollution a silent killer. The harmful effects of bad air quality are still being studied. Yet, the current findings are pessimistic, showing that the air in our homes contains a whole range of health-threatening particles. Indoor air pollution is a greater health risk than outdoor pollution.

         Maintaining good air quality at home is vital for protecting your health and the health of your loved ones. Ventilation through windows and fans should be a daily priority.

Houseplants are also a great aid in keeping the air in your rooms fresh and healthy, but they have limited power. The best way to filter out pollutant particles is to get a whole house air purifier.

Get Rid of Toxic Cleaning Products

         You may feel proud of keeping a clean and orderly home, but your cleaning habits can pose risks to your health and well-being. The reason is simple: the average store-bought household cleaning product contains dozens of toxic chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive disorders, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. A clean home is thus not necessarily a safe and healthy environment.

         If you use popular household cleaners, consider changing your cleaning habits and adopting more eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and essential oils are the main ingredients you need to create your natural cleaners at home. You can easily find many DIY recipes for all your needs.

The easiest alternative is to purchase cleaning products from eco-friendly brands that are transparent about their ingredients.

Watch Out for Signs of Pests

         A healthy home is a pest-free home. Unfortunately, pest problems are common and difficult to foresee. However, it’s crucial to learn to identify warning signs and take immediate action if you notice something suspicious. 

A pest infestation is a health hazard because most common household pests carry illnesses and can cause allergies to children and pets. Moreover, pests can chew your electrical wires and do all sorts of damage.

         A good way to keep your home pest-free is to control the moisture. Many pests thrive in humid environments. Make sure to seal any cracks in your walls or foundation. Do not leave food or trash unsealed. Your home should be a hostile environment for pests.

         Keeping a healthy environment at home can be a long-term battle. However, with the right approach, you can minimize the risks of health and safety hazards. A safe and clean home is a home where you can feel relaxed and inspired and where all your worries melt away. Do not let a preventable issue affect your quality of life.