Here’s Why Treating Yourself is Important

The term “treat yourself” is something that many of us have heard. However, that doesn’t mean we all know how to do it.

While rewarding ourselves just because we “want it” can seem indulgent, there are many reasons why it’s essential. If you haven’t already, it may become something you should add to your routine.

Below we are going to go over some of the different benefits and explain why you should treat yourself every now and again.

Sound interesting? Then let’s get started!

It’s good for our mental health.

Treats are fun: when you spoil yourself, you feel excited, happy, and overall in a better state of mind. This boost of mood can be linked to improved mental wellbeing.

Just think of it as if you’re expressing love to yourself. You’re practicing kindness and self-compassion in order to free yourself from negative thoughts.

So whether you take yourself on vacation, pick up a liz claiborne perfume or eat that chocolate cupcake, remember that it’s good for you (provided you don’t go over splurging).

It encourages us to try harder.

While treating yourself is not always associated with rewards, they do fall under the same category. For instance, you may decide to buy something new if you’ve worked extra hard to save up some money.

Obviously, you don’t always have to have a reason to spoil yourself, but it’s still another advantage that you should take into consideration. Positive reinforcement can help you get through both physical and mental challenges.

It can improve productivity. 

Since splurging can also be considered a type of rejuvenation, it makes sense that it can also boost your productivity. By taking breaks and time off work, you’ll feel more motivated upon returning.

As a guide, most recommend getting up and moving every 90 minutes in the workplace. While you can’t spend your entire day neglecting your duties, it can keep your effort consistent.

It helps those around you.

What? Treating yourself can actually benefit those around you? Yep, with an improved mood and less stress, you’re more likely to form positive relationships with others.

In fact, since indulging can improve your health, you may even find that you are able to spend more time with your friends and family. All the more reason to do something you love.

It teaches you to respect yourself.

Lastly, self-love and respect aren’t something that comes easy to everyone. Learning how to view yourself in a positive light can be difficult, especially if you’re anxious, overworked, and stressed.

Indulging and spending “me-time” can teach you to realize your own importance. Even little treats show you that you are worth it and can generate confidence to help you smash your goals.

Final words.

As you can see from the above, treating yourself is essential for several reasons. So next time you enjoy a shopping trip, splurge on a makeover or simply binge-watch your favorite TV show, remember that it’s ok! You don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying yourself.