How to Refind the Passion in Your Life?

I have personally heard from many people that they simply feel like the passion in their life has been lost. They feel unmotivated, like they don’t enjoy things they used to, and they don’t know how to find that spark that makes them feel alive again.

You can try to play some games with PlayCroco casino bonuses, read books, watch movies, or even do some of your hobbies that you used to enjoy so very much. But, unfortunately, you can’t seem to find that same joy in all those things as you used to.

Even hanging out with people that mean so so much to you feels a bit empty. The worst, most excruciating part of it all? You don’t really know why! You don’t see what happened that could make you feel this way.

Circadian Trouble

The first thing people should examine when suffering from negative feelings, such as lots of sadness, moodiness, or general feelings of apathy or neutrality towards things that should excite them is how well they are sleeping.

How well we sleep has a huge effect on our moods, and the quality of our lives in general. In fact, sleep deprivation, or a lack of quality sleep, can even cause similar feelings to depression.

Then, the problem becomes that feelings of depression can lead to restlessness or a difficulty sleeping. So, you aren’t quite able to get that complete rest you need.

This causes a cycle where you feel terrible because you haven’t slept well, but then don’t sleep well because you are not feeling well. So, if you think you have one, the other may be there as well.

One of the biggest problems is that modern life is not conducive to complete rest. Especially for students, who are the youth of the world. As young people are still growing and developing, they are the ones who need that sleep the most!

College students, and high school students especially are given the worst end of the proverbial stick. I hear stories over and over again about how students are given so much work to study, that they frequently have to stay up late to do school work.

Sadly, it seems that sleep is the first thing that is cut into when people have to choose something to give up time for. This is not very surprising, because it is easy to do with a lot of caffeinated beverages and panic about having a paper due.

I personally don’t think this is only bad management on the students’ part. I think it truly is a great deal of mismanagement by the schooling system itself. People make the fatal error in thinking people will be willing and able to devote their whole lives to their learning while they are at school.

People need to be able to take breaks, and the heavy workloads and expectations put on students, especially young students who are still finding their way in the world, is outrageous. I truly do feel that the “people in charge” don’t understand the people they are trying to educate.


Another possible cause for this loss or lack of motivation or passion is your diet. Studies show that eating a diet high in simple carbohydrates could contribute to an increased risk of depression, and cause mood swings.

So, evaluate your diet! Something tells me if you live in the west, you are eating a lot of carbohydrates, and not enough nutritious foods.

I hear it over and over again how college students keep themselves fed off of ramen noodles and frozen waffles. This may be a bit of a myth, but the fact remains. People, especially young people who have less experience cooking etc… are eating unhealthy diets!

I have spoken a lot about how young people might have this, or how young people are like that. I don’t wanna make you think I’m some old crone screeching about how “back in my day!”

My point is how much pressure and responsibility is being put on people who aren’t ready for it because we don’t give them enough experience. How many college students know how to cook?

How many teenagers know how to cook for themselves? This is not their fault, society just doesn’t teach them. And, unless they decide to learn on their own online, how can we expect them to just know how to take care of themselves?

We give students 12 years of mathematics. We give them 12 years of science. We give them 12 years of language (for me English), and 12 years of history and maybe art and sports.

But, what do we teach them about practical things in life? Many young people get driver’s licenses, but how many know how to change a tire? This is not their fault, it is just not taught to them.

Back to my original point, how are those people supposed to learn what it means to eat a balanced diet if society shoves junk food in their faces? Health class was a joke for me, and I expect it was probably the same for others.

So, look online! There is a tonne of amazing information about how to eat healthily and the benefits of eating certain foods. I would absolutely suggest looking around.

Eating healthy won’t just make you feel better because it is physically better for you, it will also help you mentally. I for one can say with absolute certainty that there is a certain satisfaction at eating a healthy meal.

Do you know how sometimes you can feel guilty after a particularly good slice of cake? Or a large scoop of ice cream? Well, a healthy meal gives you the opposite feeling. It really does help you feel better about yourself.

Find Your Passion

The last thing I will say is if you still do not feel that spark even after you eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep, then you should seek the passion you desire!

Mind over matter is a phrase as old as I can remember. Although it’s not going to make you grow back a limb if you think hard enough, it is true that the mind has a lot of power over the body.

If you desire to find your passion, and you actively seek it, then you can find it! All it takes is at least a will to get up and go on that journey.

Are there things in your life that are actively bringing you down? Try cutting them out of your life. Toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, and negative mindsets do you no good.

You need to look after yourself, because you cannot rely on someone else to look after you all the time. There is an ancient proverb that states, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? When I am for myself, what am I?”

The meaning gets a little lost in translation, but it means that you cannot rely on other people to be there for you. But at the same time, you shouldn’t be selfish and only be for yourself. Find that delicate balance.

Take the time you need for yourself. If others are being mean to you, or don’t appreciate you, then cut them out of your life. It is not your job to fix people, especially if they drag you down with them.

And finally, just go looking. Scour activities and lifestyles until you find something that starts a little flame in you. Then, grasp it with all your might! Seek that moment and revel in it. If you search for that little light, you will find it.

But remember, maybe the journey was more important than the destination. At the end of the day, be proud of yourself for the growth and journey you went on. Sometimes, the journey is more important than where you are going.