5 Best Tools to Find Relevant Influencers on Social Media

Although new influencers pop up on social media every single second, finding relevant ones can be a struggle. Whether you’re an influencer yourself, a brand, or a digital creator, working with other successful creators is a powerful tactic that will deliver numerous benefits. Influencer marketing is slowly becoming bigger than traditional marketing, so these five tools are a great way to explore the market and find relevant creators in your niche.

  1. FameLink

With the multitude of features that this site offers, you’ll also find that FameLink is a platform that will help you connect to relevant influencers. Imagine seeing hundreds of fantastic makeup artists, actors, chefs, sports players, fitness trainers in one place! It’s a spot that gathers many popular influencers and celebrities, and also a great place to monetize your digital content. Additionally, with the internal affiliate system, each time you mention a creator and a fan decides to join because of that mention, you and the other creator split the revenue equally.

  1. Awario

Awario is a diverse tool that uses mentions to list relevant keywords, brands, companies, blogs on various social media platforms. With this information, you can also track successful influencers that will be beneficial for you and your business. What’s very interesting about Awario is that it gives its users access to the influencers their competitors collaborate with. In addition, the platform makes the entire process straightforward, all you need to do is input the keywords, niche, location, language, and the social networks you work with.

  1. Influence.Co

Influence.Co is another popular tool to help you find influencers across platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook. The search requires you to enter the niche, the number of followers, location, etc. Once you settle on potential influencers, you can also research their engagement rates, likes, and much more. Although Influence.Co is very much like an actual social media platform; it serves as an excellent spot to research the market of influencers. There are two plans to choose from, free and business plan, depending on your needs and expectations.

  1. Klear

With Klear, you can do an extensive search of influencers you might want to collaborate with and set up a campaign with them through the platform. When you have a list of the creators that fit your criteria, you can look at an in-depth analysis of their profiles, followers, brand collaborations, content, and much more. Another way to learn through Klear is by using their feature that allows you to take a sneak peek into your rivals’ partnerships with influencers and how successful their campaigns are.

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is quite an extensive platform to research relevant influencers, create content, connect, and monitor. If you’re ever in need of finding great content creators that will fit your niche, or you want to create content with the right keywords, you can do that with the help of this site. BuzzSumo lets its users overview all the critical metrics that are influential and essential on social media platforms.

Although none of these tools come for free, you’ll get plenty of benefits if you decide to invest in one or two! Finding great influencers is even more challenging than you think, so having an overview of the best in your niche can save you weeks and weeks of hard work.