How to Find Healing with the Right Crystals and Gemstones

Since ancient times crystals and gemstones have captivated the human imagination. In fact, Atlantis, known to be an ancient Greek goddess made use of these precious stones to fuel machines and also used them as her private notepad. Gemstones and crystals have snatched the imagination of people in the modern age too. These days you will spot them in various places, like home decor outlets to yoga spaces. 

So why is there so much love for these rare stones? Firstly, they’re just stunning to look at. Touching one with your bare hands feels like magic. Their visual power is magnetic and the energy embedded in them is a distinct gift altogether. So if you’re looking to find healing with the right crystal and or gemstone/s, read on as we will discuss how to make use of them and touch base on what they mean. Alternatively visit this website to begin your journey:

Cry Out to Find a Stone Thats Suitable for You

Question the Universe for the gemstone or crystal that can work in your favor. Have an accepting and open outlook to whichever precious stone you come across, don’t embark on this search with pre-conceived ideas and too much criticism. 

Be on the lookout to see if you’ll have any physical response to any gemstone stone or crystal

For instance, use your non-dominant hand and move it on top of the crystals, wait and observe if you feel a faint “pull” from one of the crystals or gemstones. It’s possible for you to have three or four at the end of this process. Once you’ve done this, you’re free to move on to the following step.

Play Around with Stones with Diverse Assets

Another common way to find a crystal and/or gemstone is to research a stone for an ailment you’d like to heal. A good place to begin is to seek a crystal or gemstone for the part of the body or chakra that you feel needs extra attention.

When going into these kinds of shops, ask to set your eyes on some stones for a specific chakra, this way you will find better direction in your search. In addition, if you discover that a certain stone works well with a specific chakra, it’s a good idea to place the stone in that particular body part. For instance, a secondary chakra stone put on the lower belly is a complete gift.

Closing Thoughts

With gemstones and crystals, not even the sky can limit you, because you can make use of them in any way you believe. Popularly, holding the stones during meditation to keep yourself grounded and focus your attention is a common practice. Or, like mentioned before, you can put the crystal/gemstone on a chakra hot spot to trigger that division of the body.

Apart from this, they can be added to your individual alter. Placing them in a place you always pass can also serve to remind you of the intentions you hold. Contrary, if you can find smaller crystals, you can simply carry them during the day as they also work like a charm that brings good luck.