How to make money with Sports Betting

 Gambling is not a game. For it  requires training and work.

Although the vast majority will tell you that it is an easy task on the internet, only a tiny percentage of people make money on sports betting. This is due to the dedication and availability that they demand of themselves. Try to bet on 22bet Italia.

                                Am I ready to bet?

This is the central question that any new bettor who wants to join this sector should ask themselves. The bets are not made for everyone. If you want to see bets as a source of income, you will have to see them as one more investment, and investment carries risks and conditions that must be assumed.

                           Do I have enough money?

This is the next required question. As an investment in gambling, there is the possibility of going bankrupt, of losing all the money destined for them. People who have dedicated a large part of their salary, their savings, and even loans to continue gambling. You have to have a limit and solvency.

Your bank (term used to refer to your investment) in gambling should NEVER be necessary money that you cannot afford to lose. It should always be funds that you have leftover, according to your income and expenses.

Example 1: If you charge € 3,000 per month, you have a savings of € 30,000, and your expenses are essential bills and food. Assuming you have a property, you will be able to allocate € 5-10,000 to sports betting, in case of having a strategy.

Example 2: If you charge € 1,000 per month, you have a savings of € 3,000, and your expenses are rent, essential bills, and food, you will be able to allocate no more than € 500 to sports betting.

                Am I mentally prepared for gambling?

 Most bettors are not mentally prepared to bet or for any other investment. Gambling requires having a very cold mind that allows you to endure good and bad streaks, periods without bets, manage your money correctly, etc. Many sins to bet more than the account, others to make personal picks, others to follow dozens of channels.

                             Do I have the time to bet?

Gambling, professionally and to make money, requires time that not everyone has. Once you receive the forecast, you must stop what you are doing, whatever it is, to make the forecast, or in the long term, you will not get the same results as the Tipster. In addition, you must know by heart the markets that said Tipster bets on, as well as the interface of the bookmaker you use, so that you can quickly access the bet you have received. Believe me that betting, both being a loser and a winner, enslaves you. Think so carefully before you start.

                               I want to be a gambler.

Most of them go for it. The reason is simple. A third person is looking for the best bets for you while watching television or playing Call of Duty. The Tipster you have hired will be dedicated body and soul to analyze forecasts in being a professional.

                            I want to be a Tipster

This is the least desirable option unless you have insider information on a league or many years of studying one or a few leagues in detail. Unfortunately, every day more people join this initiative due to the life of luxuries shown by the “sell-out” Tipsters, those who do business only with their followers and not with their bets. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of being a Tipster, but not everyone is willing to do it the hard way, that of the professional Tipster.