5 Stomach Complaints That are More Common Than You Might Assume

Digestive complaints are among the health issues most of us don’t like to talk about, although most digestive problems are far more normal than you may assume. While several cases of digestive complaints can signal a serious condition, more often than not, they are pretty common and no cause for concern. To help you ease your mind, we have listed five of the most common stomach complaints and how to treat them.


If you have ever wondered ‘what is gastro,’ gastroenteritis is often referred to as the stomach flu, as it is contagious and spread by contact with an individual who has the virus. However, the most common cause of this stomach complaint is consuming contaminated foods or beverages. While mild cases of gastro can be treated with over-the-counter medications and electrolyte formulas, you should consult your healthcare practitioner if your symptoms persist for more than 24 hours. With that said, stomach flu is one of the most common stomach issues worldwide. 


Constipation is far more common than you could imagine, as most individuals have experienced constipation at least once in their lives. More often than not, constipation is not really a concern and eating fibre rich foods such as prunes, figs, and others can help you prevent developing chronic constipation. However, the treatments for chronic constipation are mild and highly effective, so if switching up your diet to add more fibre doesn’t seem to work, you should visit your doctor or consider over-the-counter medications.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is another prevalent condition that affects a large number of people around the world. IBS is generally constipation or diarrhoea, or a combination of both. However, the symptoms need to be ongoing for at least six months to establish a diagnosis, so a week or two of digestive discomfort does not mean you have IBS. With that said, if you do have the condition, you will probably need to make some dietary changes, and your doctor will suggest medications to ease and treat the symptoms. There are also natural treatments for IBS.


Indigestion is one of the more common stomach complaints out there, and the symptoms often feel extreme, even though the issue isn’t a call for concern. Symptoms include stomach pain, nausea, acid reflux, bloating, and a few others. Drinking a bit of milk can often ease acid reflux, although various over-the-counter treatments can assist with other symptoms. More often than not, indigestion is caused by diet, so changing your eating habits to avoid fatty, greasy foods and starch-rich foods is an effective solution.

Acid Reflux

While acid reflux is often a symptom of indigestion, many people experience acid reflux and no other indigestion symptoms. In this case, you have likely consumed fatty, spicey, or citrus foods that are the cause. Laying down after consuming such foods also worsens the symptoms. Once again, it would be best if you considered switching up your diet to avoid the issue, and you can ease your symptoms with dairy products or over-the-counter medications to neutralize the acid in your stomach.