The Best Care Tips for Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets can be a bit costly, especially those well-made ones. To ensure you are getting the most of what you pay for, you should also know how to take care of your items properly once they are in your home. Woven products are very durable and proven to last a long time, however, they can still be prone to damages if they are not taken care of well. As a responsible homeowner, you should already research how you can maintain your wicker baskets in their best possible state. To help you, here are some tips that you can use as a guide:

  1. Learn how to clean wicker baskets.

You should know how to clean them from time to time. Woven centrepieces which are likely to stay in one place are the most prone to dust and moulds. It is advisable that you vacuum all of your woven items once every two weeks for they do not collect dirt and dust. You can clean them using a damp microfiber cloth or newspaper. Avoid it from getting too wet and make sure that it is completely dry before you store things in them and place them back to their original positions.

  1. Do not let it get exposed to harsh climates for long periods.

Wicker baskets can deteriorate if they stay in direct sunlight for a long time. Avoid placing your wicker baskets in areas where there is too much sun. You can try moving around these items once in a while so they do not get exposed too much to sunlight and humidity.

  1. Use your baskets as intended.

Make sure to use your baskets based on their original purpose for them to avoid getting damaged. You may not know, some may be incapable of holding heavier items, so you cannot really use your magazine basket as an umbrella holder.

  1. Know the best temperature for these wooden baskets.

Adjust your home’s temperature and humidity in a setting that is also favourable to your wooden furniture and baskets. This is to avoid them from attracting moulds and damaging their structural integrity.

  1. Do not put it in areas where it can get too wet.

A basket that is constantly getting wet can be quickly damaged and can also give off musty odours. If it is not water-resistant, do not put your wicker baskets in the bathroom or near your sinks.

  1. Always handle them with care.

Make sure to be careful when you are moving around your wooden baskets, especially huge ones. Try putting them in places where children can reach them or trip on them. 

  1. Do not overfill your wicker baskets.

A wicker basket can only hold so much. Avoid overloading to the point that it may blow up. Too many heavy things inside a basket may cause it to deform its shape and easily damage its structure, causing it to get broken easily.

  1. Know how to store your baskets properly when not in use.

Sometimes, people ruin their wicker baskets not when they actually use them but during the time they decide to store them. They are confident that since it is hidden, it is no longer susceptible to any damages. As always know how you should store them. Keep in mind the exposure to harsh elements and humid climate.

It is good that you invest in high-quality wicker baskets even if you have to pay extra. However, to ensure that they really last a long time, do your part and take care of them properly.