How to Check a Future Employee for a Criminal Record

First of all, a criminal record check is most often a desire to make sure that a potential employee, business partner, or counterparty is trustworthy. A criminal record is a special status that a person convicted by a court for violating the lawn receives. Such an employee can not be hired for every position. Therefore, the task of verification is often faced by personnel officers of state or municipal institutions.

In this article, you will find answers to the following questions: how to find out online criminal record check and what resources to use for this.

Why check?

Problems with the law, and the presence of the issues with the law, and the facts of criminal prosecution of a person in the past, will prevent him from working and performing other actions in the future. Such a “black mark” will create problems with employment and will not allow you to:

  • get a permit to carry weapons; 
  • adopt or take custody of a child;
  • get a visa to some countries;
  • get a job in the Police. 

Such restrictions apply by law, so the question of how to check a person for a criminal record is sometimes very acute. In addition, in some cases, the sentence of the court is considered extinguished. This, in particular, occurs if the probation period has ended with a conditional sentence and a certain period of time has passed from one year to three after serving a sentence.

But what should an employer do if the police record check is very important to you? For such cases, we have prepared some tips on how to find out about a person’s criminal record online.

Criminal record check online.

There are sites that specialize in online criminal record check. They contain details of court decisions to be disclosed and any pending charges. Verification is carried out by extracting data from the police databases of all Australian territories and states.

To get a police check, you must provide certain personal information. You must provide:

  • your legal names and any previous names;
  • your date and place of birth;
  • your gender information;
  • 5 years of address history.

It is very important that all the information provided is accurate and complies with the rules.

Once the applicant has provided all the necessary information and identification documents, the checks are completed within 1 business day, often within a few hours.

Please note that it is impossible to predict whether your receipt will be selected for further consideration. The verification process is outside the control of the Crime Investigation Service. We recommend that you place your order at least 10 days in advance of the date when you may need a police inspection certificate.

How to find out about the criminal record of an employee 

How to find out about the criminal record of a person by name? The easiest and most legitimate way to find out if an employee has had any problems with the law in the past is to ask them to bring the appropriate certificate. This is one of the answers to the question of how to check a person’s criminal record. Its registration is absolutely free, and you only need a passport. After filling out the application form, the necessary data will be provided within 30 working days.