Understand the Signs That Your Loved One is Addicted to Opioids

There’s an epidemic gripping the nation that has nothing to do with the global pandemic. It’s an opioid crisis that has been taking its toll on the population for years. With easy access to pills instead of having to take heroin or morphine, it is all too easy to become addicted by accident. 

Chances are that somebody close to you will end up an addict at some point. Maybe they have had surgery and get addicted or they have an old injury that requires a painkiller. No matter how it happens there are sure signs that they are addicted that you need to look out for. 

In this article, I will go over what some of these signs are so you know what to look for. If you see any of these signs, make sure to act fast and call a treatment center like this rehab in Louisville for help.

Read their Behavior

One of the things that people generally say when they realize that their friend or family member is now a full on addict is that they lost the person that they knew. Personalities change completely once a person is addicted as they are consumed with the need to get more drugs. Everything else is secondary.

Before this happens there are signs that are given off by their behavior that you should be looking out for. 

For instance, if they were reliable and punctual but suddenly start arriving late or making lots of excuses as to why they can’t meet then this is a sign. Eventually this lack of punctuality and missing dates will manifest itself in isolating themselves from family and friends. People who were once reliable and steady suddenly become aloof and unavailable. 

They also will start missing work and have a lot of odd excuses as to why. This is generally when people start getting concerned. Since work needs to get done and they can’t be relied on it becomes a problem that is beyond just being odd behavior. 

Physical Changes

Their dependence on drugs means that they prioritize getting high over everything else. This means that they often stop taking care of themselves. If you notice that they have gotten noticeably thinner and sickly looking then this could be a sign. Ask them if they have been sick and if you get an odd answer or they try to deflect then this is usually a sign that they are hiding something.

Hygiene may also take a backseat and they exhibit little care in how they look or dress. Their eyes will look sunken and they could also be lethargic. 

Social Changes

Does your loved one suddenly rage with little provocation? Do they have dramatic mood swings? When you add everything up and these signs are also present then it is time to do something. You can stage an intervention or call for professional help.