Are Dab Rigs Easy to Use?

Have you even thought about replacing your joints with a dab rig but have no idea how to use one? Are you staying away from using a dab rig because you think it will be too difficult or complicated to use?

There are so many different benefits that can come from using a dab rig. They can be extremely easy to use if you have the right information. Dab rigs are typically easier to use because they work similarly to how bongs work except instead of using the actual herb, you use a concentrate. 

There are so many other benefits of dab rigs such as avoiding the harmful effects that come from smoking and protecting your lungs from any kind of damage. If you are new to vaping or dab rigs, or want to buy one, it is easy for you as you can visit online retailers like Grasscity which can provide you with all the information that you need on dab rigs, because they have the best smoking gear on the market and the experience in giving you advices for making your smoking experience unforgettable. 

Here is everything you need to know about dab rigs. 

What is a dab rig?

If you are completely new to dab rigs you may have no idea what they actually are or how they work but they are fairly simple to understand. A dab rig is very similar to a bong in that it is a glass pipe that has a chamber for water and you heat up the products which are then diluted through the water to create vapor. The difference between a dab and a bong is that a bong makes use of the herb itself and a dab rig makes use of a concentrate in the form of a wax or oil instead. 

Within a dab rig you have different parts that you will need in order for it to work. Firstly, you have the glass piece or the pipe which is the main body and that part that you inhale from. Next up is the nail, this is what is heated up beforehand and also what the product is put onto in order for the products to vaporise. Lastly you have the torch lighter. This is something you will have to purchase separately but is a necessity. An additional accessory is a dabber which is used to put the product onto the nail more efficiently but it is not crucial to the process. 

What are the different kinds of dab rigs?

When it comes down to choosing a dab rig that you like, you have quite a variety to choose from. The basics are your standard dab rig that uses a lighter to heat the nail, or you could alternatively opt for an electric dab rig which doesn’t require any external flame to get the process started. Within the more traditional kinds of dab rigs you can get silicon ones, glass, ones, and even mini ones. They all essentially do the exact same thing; the only difference is the material they use and how much more resilient they are when it comes to breaking. 

However, when it comes to using an electric rig, you have a lot more control over the product and you can even have control over the temperature and can set it to be exactly how you enjoy it. 

There are different nails

Most dab rigs will come with a nail and pipe together but you don’t have to use the nail that your dab rig comes with. If you find that a different nail works better for you then you should rather use that one. 

When it comes to nails, there are a variety of different materials they can be made out of from glass, to steel, to even ceramic. Although they all do the same thing essentially, some are better than others. It is said that ceramic and steel ones are better for heat retention and tend to last longer than the glass ones which break more easily. 

How to use a dab rig?

Using a dab rig can look tricky but it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. Start off by pouring a decent amount of water into the water chamber, but not too much otherwise the water will splatter. Next you want to heat up a small amount of product on your dabber to be prepared in advance. Once you have done that you now need to heat up the nail until it is glowing red. Make sure you face the flame away from the pipe because you don’t want it to break. And lastly, take the product on the dabber and rub it all around the exposed surface of the nail to reach all edges of it. While you are doing this, place your mouth over the mouthpiece and inhale.