Immigration Law and Employment Green Cards: a Brief Guide

If you’re looking to settle permanently within the U.S. then you should understand the law around immigration, and how to apply for residency via green cards. There are a number of different ways to define immigration, as it can be broken down into different sub categories.

Basics of Immigration Law Explained

An immigrant can be defined as a foreign-born individual who has arrived within the U.S. legally, permanently as a resident. This is slightly different to a refugee, as they seek to arrive to the U.S. as they need protection from persecution from their homeland. 

An undocumented immigrant is someone who is in the U.S. without any government permission, or had a temporary visa that has now expired. A non-immigrant is someone who is allowed temporary, such as for education, tourism or work reasons.

How to Apply for a Green Card

Before embarking on your journey for a green card, you should consider if you’re even eligible. There are a number of factors attributed, such as family and employment. For families, you will need to be sponsored by a permanent resident or U.S. citizen within your family. This can be done through a new marriage too, assuming one of you is a legal citizen.

The most typical visas available to families looking to settle, are through a K-3 or K-1, although both will require a I-130 to have already been filled out. These need to be processed through the USCIS branch of the government, and will require sponsorship.

For workers looking for employment within the U.S., there are a number of employment-based visas which allow workers to settle either temporarily or permanently. These visas are given to workers based on their skills, and what they can offer the country in service. You’ll find your chances of work are drastically improved if you hold vast experience and/or an advanced degree.

No matter which type of green card you’re seeking, it helps to have a law firm work with your application. They will avoid mistakes in the process that you may not even be aware of. Farmer Law PC, an Austin Texas based attorneys, cover immigration needs on a vast scale, from working with employers and employees, to working with getting families settled together. 

Becoming a U.S. Citizen Post Green Card

Once a green card is attained, allowing families and employees the chance to settle within the U.S., they will then be able to go ahead with naturalization. This process allows those who have been legally settled in the country for a few years, to become a U.S. citizen. This allows those who are successful to be safe from deportation, vote in elections and become sponsors for family members to move over.

You will still need to meet certain requirements, such as the ability to speak English. As well as that you will need to have proved you are of good moral character, this will be done by looking at your information, and through an interview process. You should know, there will also be a test to see if you know your American civics, and understand written English.