6 Things To Do Before Going For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Unwanted hair isn’t fabulous, especially if you are a woman. Nobody wants to see your underarm hairs while bench-pressing or working out at the gym. How wonderful would it be that you don’t have to think twice before taking out a strapless top from your closet about your hairs on your arms? This is possible with laser technology. It is a fantastic gift to women to bypass the discomfort they go through during waxing and the amount of money they spend on each session. Laser hair removal is completely safe and does not cause any damage to the skin. Proper examination of the skin is done by dermatologists and estheticians before they suggest hair removal as the process requires laser emission at the targeted areas.

If you are planning to visit a doctor for permanent hair removal, here’s everything you need to do:

Shave Your Hair

Hair removal clinics are not hair salons. That is why you should clean up your area properly before visiting a dermatologist for laser treatment. Not just will it reduce the doctor’s jobs, it will also reduce the risks of hair burns during the session. Whatever area you intend to get the treatment done, shave it entirely at least 24 hours before. Do not worry that the doctor wouldn’t be able to see your hair roots after shaving. The laser can see the sources and even the minute hair in your skin.

Stop Waxing Before Laser Treatment

Waxing obliterates the hair roots, making it challenging to locate the pigment of the hair follicle. It is essential not to tweeze or wax the area at least 4-5 weeks before your appointment. Laser treatment will not be as effective as it would be if waxing is done or continued before and in between sessions.

Stop Bleaching

Your Hair roots must be visible to the laser for successful hair removal. Bleaching lightens the hair color making it difficult to treat the hair with laser emits. Therefore you should stop bleaching six weeks before visiting the laser center providing enough time to let your hair come to its original color.

Remove Makeup or Creams

Skin products have ingredients that might affect the hair removal treatment results. That is why one should never wear any effect on the targeted area. If you are going for underarms hair removal, do not put deodorant there, and for the face skin, do not wear any foundation, sunblock, or any acne cream before the session. Always use alcohol-based makeup remover for skin and rinse with clean water when going to the doctor. Remember, your doctor needs to see your product-free skin for the best results.

Check Your Medications

Many women are on birth control pills, or women suffering from PCOD or Acnes are on medication that can affect hair removal treatment. So, if you are on any such medication and taking antibiotics, retinoid, or photosensitizing medications, do inform your doctor so that he can schedule the session till the effect of those medicines is over. Possible adverse side effects could make the skin sensitive and more likely to burn during the laser process.

Final Advice

Laser treatments to get rid of unwanted hair takes time to stop hair growth completely. It is not magic, and one should have the patience to see the final result. IT is painful and expensive, and since your skin is at stake, you should consider going to an expert and not think about saving money for an amateur esthetician. Go to a certified Metropolitan Dermatology center where only experts treat you and conduct tests to adjust laser power as per your skin needs.