How to Learn to Play Drums

If you want to become a fantastic drummer then there are many good habits that you should practice when you start to learn drumming. Keep in mind that you should also practice these habits even when you become an intermediate and even advanced drummer. 

Always Ensure You Hold The Drumsticks Properly

There are many people who believe that you don’t need to hold the drumsticks properly all of the time. However, this isn’t true and you should strive to hold them properly at all times so that you can learn faster. By holding them in the correct position, you’ll be able to play a lot better, easier and faster. If you use them incorrectly, you may damage your wrists and fingers over time. 

Study The Rhythm

You will need to develop rhythm. If you only hit the drums without rhythm, you’ll simply make noise. In order to play better, you have to learn how to develop rhythm. It is easy to learn and you can start by listening to just about any type of music. Then, repeat what you hear on the drums. Modern electronic kits can help with this, check out this Roland’s electronic drum selection for ideas. 

Pay Attention To Quarter Notes

A quarter note is when you tap 4 beats using one hand and all the beats are equal. When you learn how to count these type of notes, you’ll be able to get develop more rhythm and be able to play better. They will definitely help you to become more aware of your own sense of rhythm and beat and you can start by counting these notes. After you have some practice, you can move onto eight quarter notes. 

Practice Proper Sitting In Front Your Drums

The height of the drumset is known as the drum throne. You need to ensure that your entire body and legs are properly lined up. The vast majority of drummers sit in front of their drums and play for many hours. If you don’t sit properly, you can easily hurt your spine and back. This can cause even more serious problems over time as well as negatively impact the quality of your playing. 

Use Both Hands

After you’ve played the quarter notes using one particular hand, you need to also learn to play them on your other hand. You’ll also need to learn rhythm on both hands. Keep in mind that drummers have to use both of their hands and you need to be proficient with both even if you prefer using your right or left hand. Simply keep practicing until you get the hang of it. 

Practice The Downbeat

In addition to using your hands to play, you’ll have to learn to use your feet as well. You’ll need one of your feet to create the downbeat. This is basically hitting the bass drum. When you start, it will be quite challenging since you have to perform separate beats. Two beats with your hands and an additional downbeat with your foot. However, once you keep on practicing, you’ll get better. 

Become Familiar With Drums

Not all drums are exactly the same and different ones can be configured differently. However, the vast majority of drumsets can be set to a basic kit which includes the cymbals, bass drum and snare drum. Be sure to get to know your own drumset as well as you can. The better you know your own drums, the more familiar you’ll be with it and you’ll have an easier time playing. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with other instruments too search Roland keyboards to become a well rounded musician.