Top Financial Services to Help You Make a Fresh Start in 2021

2021 is now well underway, and the halfway mark is suddenly in sight. 

Still, many people prepared their finances especially in anticipation for the new year, but the unpredictable nature of recent times has meant even some of these safeguards fell through. The world is a convoluted mess, and new beginnings are being thrusted upon people in the middle of the year whether they invite them or not. 

Sometimes, a blank slate is needed to better your prospects, especially during turbulent time. Plenty of help is required also. All of this now in mind, here are the top financial services to help you make a fresh start in 2021.

Disaster Financial Assistance 

After a turbulent 2021, it may be that you desire a fresh start after more than a year of hard luck.

In this event, you should investigate Disaster Financial Assistance, giving you access to emergency help curtesy of the government. First, you should use this resource to read and research. You will find out what is included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that came into effect to combat the effects of the pandemic. From there, you can check what types of support you are eligible for, such as help affording food, bills, rent, and mortgages.  

It is important to acknowledge that ‘fresh starts’ are not always about destroying all you once owned and beginning anew. Instead, the new beginnings can take place in your mind and attitude as you rejuvenate your fiscal situation. Seek out Disaster Financial Assistance, and the ‘turning over a new leaf’ aspect can refer to your overall self-improvement. 

Mortgage Calculators

When you are looking to buy property as a veteran, you should use online resources that give you an idea of how much you can borrow from a bank or building society.

The Hero Loan mortgage calculator is a fine example of this, supporting military veterans in securing homes for their own. If you have served, simply visit their online domain, and input your details. This will be: 

  • Yours and your partner’s salaries.
  • The period you have worked or served. 
  • What branch of the military you served in. 
  • How much deposit you are prepared to pay. 
  • The amount you want to borrow. 

From here, the mortgage calculator will work out if you are eligible for their support, and if so, how much to lend you. For military personnel, this is the easiest way to keep a roof over yours and your family’s heads. Therefore, you should not pass on this opportunity. 

Unemployment Benefits 

The pandemic has made many people jobless and feeling as if they are out of options. 

However, you can always utilize unemployment benefits to make things easier. Each state offers their own Unemployment Insurance program, so search for your state here first to be provided with all the appropriate contact information. After that, you can read what unemployment benefits you are eligible for. 

Try not to feel any shame in accessing these benefits. Should you experience any feelings of inadequacy, remind yourself that the situation is temporary and that your reasons for seeking support are legitimate. After that, you will be better able to make a fresh start, both financially and mentally also.