Which Platforms are the Best for Businesses?

Do you have a new business and are looking for cheap and innovative ways to reach a large audience? Have you thought about using social media to market your business but aren’t sure which platform is best for you?

One of the most difficult decisions for a business to make is deciding which social media platform to use. There are so many different option, and it can be hard to figure out which will work best. Very platform has its own set of pros and cons that make them better or worse for particular businesses. For example, Instagram is good if you’re in the fashion industry because people love seeing pictures of the clothes they want to buy and see the new trends. 

If your business sells products, Facebook ads might also be a better option since you can target ads based on demographics such as age and gender. The key is figuring out which platform suits your needs best before investing too much time or money into it. There are so many options but here are the 3 most popular ones for businesses today. 


Instagram is the platform above all platforms. They started out as a photo sharing platform where you could post photos about your daily life for you friends to see but now they are so much more than that. Instagram is the platform of choice when it comes to most business because of just ow versatile it is and how many different people you can reach on the same platform through the different photo and videos feature they have to offer. 

Instagram has a particularly large demographic ranging from the younger generations all the way to their parents generations, and there are many growth services available. If you need help getting followers, you can try out a growth service like Growthoid. It is a great place to market if you are still wanting to spend a little bit of money on quality content but looking to reach the most amount of people possible. 


Twitter is by far the oldest and longest standing social media platform that is still currently popular today. With over 300 million active daily users twitter stands to be one of the most popular social media platforms right now. Twitter is essentially a microblogging platform where you can share your thoughts in a limited amount of characters per post. However, as the time has gone by, the platform has changed and developed to keep with current times and the demands of the users. Now on twitter, not only can you post wordy tweets, but you can also include pictures, videos, and gifs for your audience to enjoy. 

So many businesses has started making use of the platform because of just how many people they are able to reach. Twitters demographic is that of millennials. This is most likely because the app can out when the millennial where younger and they have now grown up with it. Here you will find that the most popular kind of content is a comedic kind of tweet along with some kind of picture or video. 


TikTok is the newest and seemingly the most successfully social media platform to this day. Is it a place where you can film, edit, and post, short form videos that are authentic and in the moment. TikTok is an app that GenZ seems to be dominating, so businesses who plan on marketing here should know that they are marketing to young adults, teens and tweens. This isn’t a bad thing, and is actually a great place to market if you are a smaller business as there are no costs involved in, but even better, you can make use of trending or viral content to boost your account or create content without having to even put in much of the hard work and thinking. 

Things to keep in mind

When choosing the right social media platform to market you brand on there are a few things to keep in mind such as how you can make use of influencers to help reach a larger target audience, which helps for getting more followers, how saturated you niche is and how easy you think it will be to get noticed on the platform, and lastly how much competition you will have and how you can use the competition to help you.