How to Throw a Great Party

Parties are the biggest parts of culture that bring people together. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, wild nights and kids’ parties are somewhat canceled until further notice. However, there are still many ways in which spirits can be lifted. 

If it’s one thing we learned from 2020 it’s that virtual events are a big hit. Even if you can’t meet up with the gang, you can still vibe on virtual platforms and create memorable nights together. With that said, restrictions may soon let up and you’ll be able to still throw the best parties on the block with a couple of safety measures in place. So, read on as we dive into everything you need to know about throwing a party in 2021!

Select A Theme And Be Sure To Stick To It

Themes are always a hot seller when it comes to parties. Whether it’s cheesy pop, retro gaming, or even a fancy masquerade, you’ll be able to bring any party to life. If you’re looking for publicity, you’ll be able to get that if your guests dress to impress. 

Besides their attire, your venue will also need to be on par with the theme. If you’ve decided to hit it off with an epic gaming night, adding in some ’80s music and the classic neon scheme is perfect. When selecting a theme, it’s always best to go with something a little more unique. 

Create A Unique Experience

Most party planners create smashing parties that leave guests in awe and talking about it for many years in the future. In essence, it’s best to have them also tell their closest friends because it’s pumps everyone up for your next rave. Before you get into it, it’s best to select a special venue. 

In some instances, a super-yacht, a penthouse, or even a deco cinema is perfect for the event. Hence, if you’re working with a virtual party, it’s also a good idea to apply the same concept. Virtual venues allow your attendees to be transformed into their very own avatars. This allows everyone to be captivated by the experience. 

When planning your party, don’t forget to give it a catchy hook. This makes it even more appealing to people and leaves them thinking that they can’t afford to miss your event. Hooks include silent discos, live bands, karaoke, or even a specially thought-out live murder mystery. 

Make Sure It’s Accessible

Parties are even more enjoyable when everyone can have a good time. When your parties are in person, it’s best to determine how easily they can be accessed before deciding on a venue. Accessibility comes in different forms and includes gender-neutral toilets, proper public transport, special breakout spaces for those with anxiety, and even access for persons in wheelchairs.  

When it comes to accessibility and the online world, you’ll need to determine the best way to make your virtual space safe. Closed captions are a great way to support those who’d rather have their microphones off as well as easy-to-use software so that everyone can be free. 

Appeal To Your Crowd

While this is your event and you don’t need to please everyone, you should still have a target audience. This just simply means that if you’re planning to do a James Bond-themed casino night, your guests should have the opportunity to flash some cash in stunning outfits at your roulette tables. So, when it comes to creating the description, you’ll need to show them why they should come to your party. 

Interactions Make Parties Come Alive 

For the most part, the first half-hour or even the first hour is somewhat weird until everyone settles. Settling them can be done with the use of quick-fire or even neat ice-breaker games. However, it’s best to keep in mind that you can’t force anyone to participate. Create a warm atmosphere for the extroverts to let loose. 

Additionally, you can also ask your guests from song requests as they RSVP for your event. This pulls them closer to the dance floor with their requests. 

Source Great Entertainment

If you’re going for a live band, a neat magic show, or even some dancers, entertainment is key to any great party. If your guests remember nothing else about the night, they will surely remember the live entertainment that was present at your party. However, be sure that it’s suitable for your event. 

Within the entertainment world, there are tons of cool ideas and tricks. So, select your theme and then let the ideas flow to meet the demands of your party. If you’re having a real throw down, you can even get carnival performers or cabaret singers as long as it meshes with your ideas. 

Before making final decisions, it’s also essential that you rethink your checklist and the events. This gives you a better idea of just how things will flow on the night of the party. With that said, you still need to give some consideration to the energy being provided by your entertainment. 

When the night peaks your guests will be thrilled beyond their wildest dreams. However, during this time, there’s a chance that they won’t be able to focus on acts that don’t involve music, so keep that in mind. Choose from many different types of light up necklaces to add to the atmosphere. At this point in the night, they’re usually excited to get on the dance floor. Don’t forget, you’ll need to include a winding down period so that they’re relaxed before the party ends.