Simple Tips for an Effective Remote Work Routine

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many people are working from home. WFH may be a rewarding experience for many. However, for some, the distractions may make it all quite challenging. Some people work smartly during such a regime by creating a dedicated workspace for an efficient working routine. On the other hand, some people enroll in online classes to master a new skill. You can also work smartly from home and develop some new good habits to keep you motivated and productive by following the tips below:

Remain in Touch with Your Colleagues

Since you are not physically present in the office, it is very important to remain in touch with your colleagues and managers. Use tools such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Slack to share work-related updates with them. Collaborate freely with them and keep them in the loop regarding any project progress so that you can register the quality of your work effectively. Other than work, you could have an informal chat to catch up and have some relaxing time. You could talk about anything including any good shows you watched on your Spectrum TV recently.

Set Your Daily Goals and Objectives

Just like when you are working from your office, make sure to share your daily goals and objectives with your manager at the start of the day. It is very important that you share what they must be expecting from you by day end. If there is any hindrance in task completion, share it with your manager. Let them know if you have any difficulty in meeting the project deadline. This will allow your manager to cover up for you and still get the tasks done. Remember, team members cover up for each other. Therefore, it is important that your manager is aware of your progress at all times to manage any hiccups. 

Use Collaboration Tools

Since you working from home, your working hours may be different from your regular ones. It is very important that you use tools so that your colleagues know when you are away. Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are very good tools that your team can use collectively. In case you are going to be away for a certain portion of the day, make sure to communicate with your manager. Furthermore, these tools also indicate when you are away for some time. Thus, your colleagues can see that and respect your privacy. Once your status is back to “online”, they can contact you and have a conversation with you.

Dress Up and Create a Dedicated Work Space

Even though you may find this quite vague, but it makes sense to dress up for the day. Dedicate a certain portion of your house for office work. Set up a workstation over there. And make sure to dress appropriately for work. In case you have a video call to attend, you will be all ready to take up the call and showcase your professionalism.

Develop a Task List

A very wise approach when working from home is to develop a task list. Every morning, divide your hours and dedicate them to different tasks. These tasks will not only include your office work, but also small household tasks. It may be that your spouse has an important office meeting to attend. While she is in the virtual meeting, you may need to cover up for her and take care of your child. Plan your routine smartly so that you can take care of these tasks as well.

Exercise to Remain Active

Working from home can make people lazy as well. In the office, people sit on chairs on dedicated workstations and focus on just their office tasks. At home, however, the situation is quite different. You may be laying on your back on a sofa and working on your laptop. This can make you sluggish and lazy. 

As mentioned above, it is important to have a dedicated workspace at one’s home. Not only that, it is also necessary to engage in light exercise. If you are feeling tired and sleepy, get up and do some push-ups or planks. At the end of the day, once you are done with your work, make sure to do some brisk walking in a park nearby. However, make sure that you keep a mask with yourself at all times. Maintain social distancing even when you are out. If the park is overcrowded, return home and engage in some light exercises at home.