How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Here are five facts about erectile dysfunction and how to treat it.

1. It Has Always Been Somewhere There

Even if it is the first time you are reading the term “erectile dysfunction” it does not mean that this is a new condition. Erectile dysfunction or ED has always been present in a considerable population of men. Studies have found that nearly half of men in the US gradually develop erectile dysfunction by the time they reach their forties. Although every man can experience issues around his sexual life or difficulty with his penis being hard or firm, those can be just occasions. Doctors can surely say that the patient has ED only if he reports that he had problems with sexual performance, i.e. with developing and maintaining a good erection frequently. However, this article is not meant to scare you. On the contrary, it is written to guide you through the ABC of erectile dysfunction and offer a groundbreaking solution to it. 

2. The Causes

Not only aging, but other medical and psychological reasons bring about ED. The age here plays an important role because these factors add up step by step. In most cases, the reasons are medical. They should be either congenital or acquired during life. While men get older, they tend to become obese, develop heart diseases, diabetes, hormonal disorders, high cholesterol, and many more physical or organic causes. Nevertheless, psychological factors have their say too. Paired with reasons, such as stress, fear of intimacy, depressions, anxiety, and guilt, lifestyle-related factors create a solid ground for ED. You can see that ED is usually caused by agents that either affect the blow flow and circulation or the nervous system. For this reason, an effective solution should address both agents to treat ED. The solution named Gainswave does it perfectly. 

3. Gainswave 

You may be hearing this name for the first time, but trust us. If you have or you suppose you might have ED, this is going to be your saver. This is a drug-free and non-invasive therapy that brings back your sexual potential and helps you effectively conquer ED. As the procedure is non-invasive, it is painless and surgery-free. Gainswave has been developed as a response to years of scientific research and accumulated evidence of shockwave therapy. The Gainswave device uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve the condition of blood vessels and nerve tissue in and around the penis. As a result, the waves help remove micro-plaque out of blood vessels, stimulate the growth of new vessels and nerve tissue, and direct the blood flow to the treatable area. 

4. I Should Choose Gainswave if…

Of course, the Gainswave therapy itself offers several benefits. You should try very hard to find a non-invasive method that can work as productively and have a long-lasting effect. Gainswave is for you if you have:

  1. ED – Yes, Gainswave does tackle ED. Many men report seeing improvement in their sexual health even after the first therapy sessions. 
  2. Peyronie’s Disease – When men suffer from this condition, it means that they have structural or anatomical issues with the penis, such as scar tissue or curvature. Gainswave helps to treat this disease too. 
  3. More Pleasure – Yes, and it is normal to long for more pleasure and satisfaction from your sexual life. In case you just want to perform better in bed after 40, consider Gainswave as an option too. 

5. Where to Find Gainswave?

Special offer for Bellevue residents. You have a fantastic chance to make an appointment and visit Dr. Kass’ clinic for Gainswave therapy. Dr. Kate Kass has years of experience as a physician and works with issues around sexual and regenerative health. She also pioneered the practice of Gainswave and has done more shockwave therapy treatments than any other doctor in Washington State. As the name suggests, this is your chance to GAIN the sexual health, performance, and trust in yourself that you need. Remember that age is only a number, and your happiness and satisfaction should be in your capable hands.