Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

The marijuana industry has become extremely popular over the last few years and this is because of the wide variety of products available. There are now different devices, edibles and ointments containing cannabinoids for people to use. This development came forth after the legalization of the use of cannabis, after it was banned for such a long time. In the past, people could only use simple instruments, such as blunts and joints, but now there are dry herb vaporizers which have stepped up the experience of smoking. A dry herb vaporizer, like these here from MagicVaporizers, is a device which you can use to heat up dry cannabis which creates a gas that contains plant material. 

Now, if you have never used one before you might be making mistakes, which is normal for a newbie. So, if you want to extend the lifespan of your vaporizer, here are a few mistakes to avoid when using it.

Not using the correct temperature

You have to use the correct settings when you’re using a dry herb vaporizer. These settings matter because they affect the quality of the herb. If you use the incorrect temperature, you may have a bad experience and not receive the full effects of the herb, which would then be a waste of your time and money. To tell what temperature to use, all you have to do is check the quality of the herb. Does it have high moisture levels or low moisture levels? Herbs with low moisture levels need a temperature of between 325 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas herbs with high moisture levels should be between 375 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using oils instead of dry herb

Dry herb vaporizers are for dry herbs and dry herbs alone. The words ‘dry herbs’ are in the name for a reason. You can’t use oils because this can cause the heating mechanism to burt and damage the entire vaporizer. With that being said, there are some who use both, just make sure to read instructions first. Some vaporizers are multipurpose, but those ones are a lot more expensive and usually have different chambers for oil and for herbs. Read through the instructions and if you know you prefer oil over herbs, then they may be a better fit for you.

 Not cleaning often enough

A big mistake is not cleaning your dry herb vaporizer enough. This can be due to laziness or simply being unaware of the importance of cleaning your vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers need to be cleaned often because it will affect the taste and the quality of your herb. If it isn’t cleaned, over time it can even cause the dry herb vaporizer to become damaged. Usually you’ll find a small brush attached to it in the box that you can use after every session, and make sure to thoroughly clean it every now and then.

Not grinding or packing correctly

A big mistake people make is not grinding marijuana before they insert it into the vaporizer or not grinding it properly. You have to grind properly, because it affects the experience of smoking it. Make sure you grind it finely. You also have to pack it correctly because that affects how satisfying your vape session is. When packing, make sure to not pack it too tightly or too loosely. If you pack it too loosely the chambers will compromise the airflow since some areas of the chamber are empty, at certain points, when you inhale from it. Tightly packed chambers, however, will give you problems with how heat can enter through the vaporizer.

It is normal to make mistakes when you are starting something new. Even more so when it comes to a new technological device that is meant to enhance your smoking experience. Dry herb vaporizers were created with the intent of retaining the quality of smoking from a joint by bettering the experience and focusing on the mist. So, when you purchase or use your new dry herb vaporizer, make sure to use the correct temperature, clean the vaporizer often, grind and pack your herb correctly, and never use oils as a replacement of herbs. If you make sure to avoid these silly mistakes, then you’re good to go.