How to Look Modern in Country Clothing

If you’re a country boy or girl at heart but you’re living in the city, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave that wardrobe back at the ranch. There are creative ways you can mix country with modern; you could throw on a country style hat like one of these from, or put on some country boots. Whether you’re going out to the bar on a date, a work social, here are some ideas to get you started. 


When it comes to flannel, the basic rules are to pair your flannel top with a neutral bottom. You could look like a Carlson construction worker during the day and head straight to the bar. 

Square-Toed Boots

Your standard country boot is going to be the “roper” style boot, which has a flat heel and square or rounded toe. Be very careful about going with a pointed toe option! There are certain country folks who are strongly against the pointed toe style. 

The Belt

Think big belt buckle when adding a quintessential country style belt. Make sure you tuck that shirt in so as not to hide that country flair. The big country belt buckle is really an attention grabber. If you’re the guest speaker for an event like one of these folks from, consider throwing on a country style belt for your next event!

Go for the Python Skin or Kangaroo Leather

If you really want to stand out, go for an alternative to your typical brown or black leather and consider a snake skin, crocodile skin, or kangaroo leather. This can apply to your wallet, boots, belt, or hat. 

Add a Bandana 

For a finishing touch, throw a bandana around your neck.