Windows and Doors Mississauga

Types of Replacement Windows and Doors Mississauga

One of the challenges you will get when buying replacement windows and doors Mississauga is choosing the window type. There are many types in the market with different frame materials, making it hard to choose the most suitable type. 

The type you choose depends on your budget and your preference. The space available to fit a window in your house matters too when choosing a window type because some windows and doors Mississauga are too big and require ample space. These are some window styles, together with various window frame materials.

Window frame materials


Wood will give your windows and doors Mississauga a classic look, the reason it is a common material chosen by many homeowners. You can paint this door frame to the color of your choice, and since it is a bad conductor of heat, this window frame provides energy efficiency. However, wood is expensive. It also has a high maintenance cost because the frame needs to be repainted occasionally to maintain the look. Wood is also vulnerable to insects like termites. They invade it and eat it, and it is hard to fix such repairs. 


Most homeowners prefer fiberglass window frames because of its energy efficiency. A fiberglass window frame is solid and durable because fiberglass does not bend or warp easily. It is suitable for homes in harsh climates. Fiberglass window frames are available in many colors, and since they do not fade, these frames do not require repainting and have a low maintenance cost. 


If you want a low-maintenance windows and doors Mississauga frame, vinyl is the best. This frame is durable, does not bend, warp or dent. If you notice dirt, you can clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth. It is energy efficient.

Window types

Single and double-hung windows

These two windows resemble. They both have two sashes. The difference is that only one of the two sashes is operable for the single-hung window, while both sashes open for the double-hung window.  For the double-hung window, you open the sashes by raising the lower one and lowering the upper one, which is the same case for the sash in the single-hung window. Double-hung windows allow for better ventilation than the single-hung window. Since sashes from both windows are tiltable, they allow easy cleaning. These windows can both fit well in the bedroom or living room.

Casement windows

They have hinges on the side, and they open towards the outside like a double door. These windows are suitable for ventilation since they can open wide. They also provide an unobstructed view. Casement windows are common over the kitchen sink because they are easy to operate from there. 

Awning windows

These are hinged at the top, and they open from the bottom outwards. Awning windows are common in areas with a rainy climate because they prevent rainwater from entering the house. These windows can also be a great combination with the picture windows for ventilation since picture windows are fixed. Awning windows require you to have space outside where they can open.