How to Make Rooms Feel Cozier & Welcoming!

Every body wants to feel at home in their home. It’s one of the main purposes of having a home in the first place. You have a place that is yours that you know you can end any day in if you want.

Of course, with the current events happening as of when this article was written (aka the global pandemic) you might be spending more time in your home than you’d otherwise want to.

This can lead to realizing that your home just doesn’t feel right to you. You want more style, or coziness in it.

Or maybe you’re just bored while stuck at home and want something to do that will change the routine up a little.

There are a lot of different ways you can redecorate or add to a room to make it feel more home like and less “this is an assortment of stuff I own sitting in a room”. They range wildly in complexity, time required to do them and of course the amount you’re willing to spend on things to add to your rooms.

So whether you have a lot of free time or barely any, a pocket full of spare change or a lot of spending money from your recent winnings at Fair Go casino bonus or something in between I should probably have some tips for you.

The Simple Things

There are probably endless little tweaks you could do around your house to make it just the littlest bit nicer looking.

Some of them are probably worthwhile. While others will be a good way to spend an hour or two for no true results.

The first one should usually be to clean your house. Not like the usual tiding up you do usually but a deep clean. Pull out the couch and vacuum behind it, take down your books and clean the shelves, wipe down your window stills, wash your walls, and anything else you don’t usually clean, who knows, the possibilities are endless!

This is great for a wide variety of reasons. It can bring your rooms practically back to life if you haven’t cleaned them in a long time, and if you’re going to be moving around furniture or putting in furniture it’s nice to to have everything in the room clean now so you don’t have to do it later.

When that’s done look around the room and look for anywhere you think furniture might fit better. Sometimes all a room needs is a little reorganizing. Try putting chairs facing windows, or in their own little sections facing each other.

Can the couch go against the wall or would it be better facing the wall? If you do move the couch what about putting a table against it’s back or put an end table next to it. The possibilities are endless.

You can try getting some sort of table ornament or art piece to put somewhere in the room. A fruit bowl (even if it’s fake fruit [nobody has to know that though]) can be the splash of color that a room needs to tie it together.

House plants could also be the thing your room needs. Or more like your room needs house plants regardless.

House plants are so great that they might even deserve their own section for how great they are.

House Plants

Well now they have their own section. House plants fit any room in any theme. It doesn’t matter what style of house you have or even if you don’t have a style at all, potted plants are going to make it look nicer.

House plants just work. The only possibly downside to house plants is that you have to take care of them. And if you’re anything like me you’re almost certainly going to forget to water them at first.

That’s where another amazing thing about house plants comes about from, they don’t even need to be real!

You can get fake plants made from a variety of different things and just pretend that its the real thing. At a distance your eyes wont even know the difference.

This doesn’t even have to be if you’re bad at remembering to water things too, what if you have rooms that get none or very little sunlight?

Throw some real plants in the places that get sun and throw fake plants everywhere else. No one will know the difference and you’ll have your own dark secret.

House plants are also amazing because of just the massive variety of them. They are plants, and there are a lot of plants.

You can flowers that make your house smell nicer and add a very wide range of colors, you can get green plants that tie everything together or you can even get plants that you can grow in a pot and then eat.

The possibilities are endless! While there are countless different plants you can get and put in your house there are even more different pots you can put them in.

The plant pots can also endlessly improve a room depending if you match them to the rest of your decor.

Along with everything else potted plants are also incredibly cheap. You can get a whole bunch of plants and pots too (unless you want some really fancy ones, which can get very costly, same with both pots and plants) for very little money relatively.

Its probably one of the simplest and easiest methods of improving the color and coziness of a room. Before you know it you’ll be addicted and the plants have taken over your house.

More Complicated Stuff

Obviously potted plants and moving furniture around isn’t a guaranteed way of improving a rooms decor. There are many other things you can do to a room to improve its look and feel.

The color of the room is a big one. While you can get away with blank white walls most of the time, if you’re already planning on large scale redecorating you should really look into some different colors.

Some wallpaper can also drastically change the look of a room, usually for the better.

Once you paint the walls or throw up some wall paper though, you’re going to notice that your furniture might stand out more. Once you get into non white walls matching your furniture to it becomes a bigger problem.

This can take some trial and error and you’ll soon realize that cheap plastic furniture from IKEA barely works with anything.

Some other things you shouldn’t forget about anytime soon is that you should never underestimate the ability of paintings and pictures on the wall to make previously uninteresting walls pop.

Even more is how much of a difference picture frames by themselves can drastically change the look and feel of a room and its walls.

A nice wooden picture frame around your artwork can drastically improve the feel of a room.

Beware though, if you start falling far down the rabbit hole of home renovation and decoration you’ll soon find yourself with a quantity of sheets and throw pillows that don’t match the color theme of yours rooms anymore.

But the end result is usually well worth it to wake up in a house that feels put together and even if the rest of your life is disorganized, chaotic and a mess at least your house feels like a home.

Getting a pet too can also do wonders.  But that’s a subject for a different article….