Twitter Marketing Tips New Businesses Should Consider

For most people, Twitter is a social media site where they can post and view other people’s tweets in real-time. For businesses, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool they can use to expand their businesses. With over 321 million monthly active users, Twitter is a prime space for those who want to reach out to their audience.

There have already been multiple cases of successful brand marketing campaigns on Twitter. Wendy’s, for example, is a master at going viral on Twitter. On most occasions, you’ll see them interacting with and mentioning other brands, often using brash and insulting language. This resonated with many people as they were used to brand accounts being overly formal and polite. Another notable instance of a highly successful marketing strategy was when they got a Tweet to reach 2 million likes with the promise of restoring spicy chicken nuggets to the menu.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll reach Wendy’s Twitter fame level by being irreverent to other brands, you could still learn a lot from their and other brands’ Twitter marketing strategies. Here are some tips that experts like those from a reputable social media agency Washington DC.

Use hashtags to your advantage

Hashtags are an easy way to start (and monitor) a conversation and generate buzz. You could also jump into another hashtag relevant to your business to initiate conversations with other users or brands and put yourself into the public eye. Remember to be mindful and not hijack memorial hashtags or politically charged hashtags as this could backfire on your business.

Use media to catch users’ attention

If you just use text on Twitter, it’s easy to get drowned out by the hundreds of thousands of Tweets that get posted every day. Use well-designed and eye-catching images, GIFs, or videos to cut through the sea of text and get the user to pause their scrolling to see what you have to offer.

Incorporate influencer marketing

Influencers are prominent members or a social media platform and often have an established audience who clings to their every word. By working with influencers, you can expand your reach and gain brand trust. Most consumers are wary of brands, but data shows that they are more likely to patronize a brand that their favorite influencer has promoted or recommended. Remember to get an influencer that you’re ok with being associated with your brand. Work with someone in the same niche as you and who behaves in a way that doesn’t offend certain people or cultures. 

Be mindful of what and when you Tweet

Going viral on Twitter is a goal of many businesses, but sometimes they go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing sinks a brand’s reputation faster than an offensive or tone-deaf Tweet or behavior. Inappropriately hijacking a hashtag to advertise something, failing to acknowledge ongoing turmoil in your service area, responding poorly to customer complaints, all these could ruin your business and it might take a while before you can fully recover. To avoid such a disastrous scenario, just be careful of what you Tweet and be sensitive to current events. If it’s too late and you’ve accidentally made an epic blunder on Twitter, a reputable social media agency Washington DC can help you revitalize your reputation.

Don’t buy followers

Most new businesses pour money into fake followers to artificially inflate their numbers and make their accounts seem more credible. However, fake followers don’t translate into engagement and having a high follower count but low post engagement is an immediate red flag to other Twitter users. Instead of purchasing fake followers, invest in strategies that will land you legitimate followers who will actually patronize your business, and contribute to your revenue.

Use engaging language in your Tweets

Having questions on your Tweet will encourage users to reply, which boosts your Tweet on the algorithm. When people reply to your Tweet, their followers who might not have heard of you yet will also see your Tweet and may be interested to engage with or follow you.

Retweet your own content

It may seem weird to retweet your own Tweets but doing so refreshes your content on the timeline of people who may have failed to see the Tweet when it was originally posted. This is especially important if you’re a brand that has followers from other time zones.

Remember that the key to social media success is not following other brands’ social media strategies to the letter but taking inspiration from them. Consumers are smarter than ever and know immediately when brands are copy-pasting from each other. Develop your own strategy that resonates best with your followers.