Making The Most Of A Long Engagement Period

Around 63% of couples have had to postpone their wedding owing to the current global situation, with some couples having rescheduled their wedding several times before deciding to hold off until some time in 2021 or even later. For many, this has been a period of stress, yet for others, postponing their wedding has provided them with a chance to turn their longer engagement into a romantic time in their lives that is unique in nature. If you have decided to leave your big day until a time in which a bevy of family and friends can gather around you while you say your vows, how can you ensure this time brings you closer to your soul mate and future spouse?

Planning All The Tiny Details With Peace And Calm

A Zola survey of 500 engaged or recently married couples found that around 40% deemed the wedding planning process to be “extremely stressful,” while 71% thought it was more stressful than other major challenges such as finding a job. Much of the problem lies in the many details couples didn’t realize were involved in wedding planning – everything from drafting a guest list together to finding a venue – all within a budget. Cherish your longer wedding planning period by dreaming up all the details you always wanted to have in your wedding and making them happen. From assembling your dream team of providers to planning all the details of your honeymoon, there are many time-consuming tasks that can be approached in an organized, tranquil fashion. More time on your hands will enable you to make it all happen at a better price, since you can speak to more providers and compare the prices and services they are offering.

Getting Creative

Truly memorable weddings are those which express the couple’s personality and tell their story, so use this time to find creative ways to do so. If you are a natural born vlogger or video recorder, edit a beautiful video or photo montage to play to guests at a strategic point of your reception. If you love dancing, why not choreograph a humorous dance with your bridesmaids, grooms, or even your loved one? Group choreographies can be practiced via Zoom or Skype, so that distance needn’t be a problem. If you love arts and crafts, why not contain your own wedding favors? Just a few ideas include homemade jams and preserves, embroidered artwork, or knitted wedding-inspired teddy bears.

Involving Loved Ones

An extended engagement period is also a fantastic time to tap into the talents of friends and loved ones. If you know music lovers or party organizers, they may like to help you out with tasks such as making a playlist or refining your list of potential bands or performers. You may have many talented people in your social circle – including those with a talent for calligraphy, donut making, or table decoration. While major providers such as photographers, caterers, and wedding cake bakers should always be professional, family can help out with small yet important tasks that can add a communal touch to your big day.

Having to postpone a wedding can make couples feel more stressed than usual. However, an extended time frame can be used to full avail by those wishing to simply enjoy the romance and bonding period that a long engagement can provide. An extended engagement period is also a great time in which to plan, create, and work alongside loved ones to make your big day special for everyone attending.