3 Sensational Party Venues in West Hollywood

West Hollywood, affectionately known to some as “The Creative City,” truly lives up to its name when it comes to its party venues and other entertainment spaces. If you’re gearing up for your next soiree, take a look at some of Los Angeles’ most spectacular locations below.

The 11:11

All your wishes will come true at the 11:11 party venue in West Hollywood. This is a multifunctional space intended for creative productions and once-in-a-lifetime gatherings. 

It was designed by producers Max Feldman, Michael Leoni, Erica Katzin, and Michelle Kaufer, so you can rest assured that the venue will exceed all your most imaginative expectations. They’re the creatives behind Broadway masterpieces like the comedy “Elevator,” “Famous,” and a feature documentary known as “American Street Kid.” 

Despite the 11:11’s deep roots in Broadway entertainment, it welcomes far more than theatrical crews.

Its artistic aesthetic hails straight from the ‘70s, contributing to its retro theme and likeness to Laurel Canyon, which was the inspiration for widely acclaimed music, movies, and other art. 

While it’s not generally used for the typical dinner parties and birthday celebrations, the 11:11 is the perfect venue for anyone interested in gathering all their friends for a night of music and drinks or a retro party.

Its ‘70s theme and theatrical connections to Shakespeare make the space incredibly attractive for period-themed parties. For example, past visitors have been delighted by various events held in memory of nostalgic eras, like ‘90s dance parties. 

Still, if you’re not interested in holding a musical or theatrical get-together, you can still inquire about further services from the 11:11. In addition to live shows, they also offer:

  • Pop-up art exhibits
  • Film screenings
  • Private events

No matter what you experience at the 11:11, it’s sure to fulfill all your party wishes, and then some!  

The La Peer Hotel

This hotel is a gorgeous modern space with breathtaking décor, refreshing beverages, and exquisite drinks to boot. It’s littered with amenities that you’ll love for yourself and your guests, including: 

  • A backyard: This lavish outdoor area is equipped with an outdoor bar, ideal for party guests who want to get a bit of fresh air with their beverage. There’s a pool as well, in case you wanted to throw in a bit of aquatic fun at your event. With the courtyard included, La Peer backyard can accommodate up to 250 guests.
    • Note: You can set up a private dining event by the pool if you don’t need to use the entire venue. 
  • Penthouse suite: Are you looking for a more intimate setting for your event? Look no further than the La Peer penthouse suite. This is the perfect space to entertain up to 60 guests, with 1,170 square feet of room to work with. Keep in mind that there is also a 1,000-square-foot patio if you want somewhere special for pre- or post-event gatherings. 
    • Note: If you book separate rooms for your “entourage,” La Peer offers a special package that includes an entire hotel wing for your reservation, along with the penthouse rental. 
  • Rooftop: This includes the terrace and pavilion. There are few better ways to take in the metropolitan views of Los Angeles than atop La Peer’s fifth-floor rooftop, the breeze whisking across your face in the gentle moonlight. You can invite up to 250 people to enjoy the sights with you on this 1,000-square-foot open-air terrace.
    • Note: There is a glass pavilion only steps away, where you and your guests can enjoy a more formal soiree, such as a gala, in 3,000 square feet of space.

At La Peer Hotel, you can have the party of your dreams. It remains one of West Hollywood’s most flexible party venues, perfect for any special celebration or a high-class gathering. 

The London West Hollywood

This is another one of West Hollywood’s versatile event venues. The London West Hollywood is perfectly suited for a wide variety of celebratory events, from engagement parties to red carpet galas.

It’s situated in the perfect location — on top of Hollywood Hills, just steps away from the Sunset Strip — that gives you and your guests sweeping views of the Los Angeles skyline.

The sprawling, English-style urban rose garden is the perfect venue to set a dinner party, especially in the evening, to enjoy the twinkling lights illuminating West Hollywood. In addition to this garden, the venue is complete with the following amenities:

  • Ballroom: The Kensington Ballroom can house up to 400 people for the party of your choice. If you’re planning on sharing a meal with your guests, the 4,000-square-foot area is more suited for 250 individuals, including space for a dance floor. 
  • Rooftop terrace: The West End Rooftop is a popular choice for hosting wedding receptions. The 3,800-square-foot area can accommodate up to 400 people in standing room, or 180 for a night of fine dining and dancing. 
  • Penthouse suite: The London West Hollywood proudly boasts Los Angeles’ largest penthouse suite. Your experience in this 11,000-square-foot area (spread across two separate floors) will be unforgettable. There are specific areas dedicated to drinking, dining, and dancing, so you’ll never have to worry about things getting too crowded. 

The London West Hollywood offers various packages for party-goers, specifically for those planning wedding events. These packages include furnishings, dishes, sound systems, catering, and more. 

Still, if you’re interested in another type of celebration, all you have to do is get in touch with the managers of this spectacular venue.

Prepare for the party of a lifetime in West Hollywood

These party venues in West Hollywood blow all others out of the water! Plan your night at any of the locations above, or search for a party venue in West Hollywood for your next gathering.