The Dwelf Cat: Bald & Beautiful Breed

Generally, when you think of a kitten, you imagine a little ball of fluffy fur to cuddle, some with astounding markings. But there is a rapidly growing, odd yet popular group circling the globe with the bald, bold, and so beautiful breeds like the miniature Dwelf. While these cats appear hairless, they actually have a fine layer of silky-smooth fuzz like you would find on a peach instead of a standard cat’s fur.

When you see one of these unusual sights, it might take a moment to see it, but, ultimately, the dwarf-like appearance becomes enchanting, and the endearing qualities and charm entice a friendship with the animal that is incomparable with another animal. 

Bald, Beautiful Breeds Of Cats

The bald breeds of cats like the Dwelf are not, in fact, hairless but instead possess a fine down that makes their skin feel as though they’re wearing a coat of velvet. Some breeds are born with a thin hair layer that gradually falls or will stay in places like the tail or among the toes.

Selective breeding is responsible for creating the bald breeds resulting in a specific recessive gene to produce these cats. It’s not clear if developing the kitties was an effort to avoid allergic reactions, but the lack of hair is not indicative of the animal being hypoallergenic.

Cat hair is not the reason for allergy sufferers’ reactions, but instead, there are specific proteins in the saliva and dead skin cells that result in the responses. You might find that you have less sensitivity with these cats. Some of that could be because these kittens require regular baths, eliminating some of the issues. Let us check out some of the breeds:

** The Dwelf

The Dwelf is one of the most recent additions to the hairless community resulting from crossing an American Curl with a Sphynx. The name derives from the adorable, curled ears, a gift from the American Curl’s genes, and the almost wicked round eyes that give a stunning impression as though you’re seeing a sight from a sci-fi movie. Check here for profiling of the Dwelf.

The skin shows a wrinkly texture, particularly in the neck region and around the head. You will see it more prominently in a kitten, but there should be a presence in an adult of good breeding. 

The breed boasts a gentle, social, and patient cat that offers a ton of personality. It thrives on a family environment providing entertainment as a playful yet intelligent creature who loves to explore and climb. The cat enjoys verbalizing, so be prepared for lengthy conversations and a shadow as you perform your daily tasks.

** The Sphynx

Most people are familiar with the Sphynx as it is a well-known and exceedingly popular breed. The cat is famous for her friendly demeanor and playful personality, not to mention her need to socialize and receive attention from anyone willing to provide it.

The wrinkly appearance and little round belly bring the feline comparisons to a wise “Buddha” along with the innate curiosity she possesses. A domestic cat in the 60s bore the first Sphynx, “accidentally” found in Toronto.

** The Donskoy

The Donskoy is a Russian kitty discovered in the 1980s. As is true with most of the bald breeds, this feline is extremely friendly and social. The pet finds companionship with everyone in the family, makes visitors feel comfortable, and even gets along with the family dog and the children.

The feline boasts a certain sophistication with its sleek physique despite the plethora of wrinkles, with her large ears and eyes adding to her mystique. The kitty is a bit unusual compared to her counterparts in that she has the potential to grow a fur coat in the winter but will shed it when the temperature rises again.

** The Bambino

A Sphynx crossing with a Munchkin results in the lovable yet distinct Bambino. She is bald, attributed to the Sphynx with tiny legs thanks to the Munchkin. The kitty has a fuzzy coat with a warm, genuine personality. 

You might think the cat would have limitations due to her legs’ size, but quite the opposite is true. The kitten will surprise you with her agility and how active she likes to be. These cats love to play. The TICA currently identifies the Bambino as an experimental breed.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who believes they would like to adopt a hairless cat like a little Dwelf (go to this link for details on the breed, it’s critical to ensure you want to commit to full responsibility that comes with the animal. Please don’t decide to take in a feline simply because you find it a novelty. These specific kittens are live creatures with special needs that have to be met, preferably by someone with the time and skills to do so. 

Without hair, a feline has no protection from the elements, whether cold or sun, meaning it’s safer to remain indoors or in an enclosure due to their inability to regulate body temperature. A bald cat can become exceptionally cold rapidly or sunburn when exposed to the rays.

It’s beneficial to have special garments for the kitties to protect their skin and take the chill from them. The animals need bathing frequently to prevent oils from accumulating and affecting the skin. Without hair covering the ears, the likelihood for infections increases unless the canal receives thorough cleansing with cider vinegar-soaked “cotton wool.”

All hairless cats are powerhouse players and love activity meaning they will burn through calories with higher than average metabolism. That means their nutrition needs to be of a higher quality to keep up with their energy.

These cats are family-oriented and are sad if they are left alone. It is essential to have other animals at least present if the family leaves for work or school. If properly cared for, the cat will bring you joy and enjoy an extensive quality of life.