How to Source the Best Strain of CBD Hemp Flower Special Sauce

CBD products have become increasingly popular over the last few years. This is because a new law that legalizes the selling, cultivating, and manufacturing of cannabinoid-infused hemp products was initiated in recent years. Not to be confused with the recreational use of marijuana/weed for mind altering effects, CBD-infused products have become greatly sought after for its recreational use. 

There are many different products available that has loads of healthy and natural cannabinoids in their composition. These products include edible gummies, oils, tinctures, shampoos, and vape juice. In a more natural form – the dry hemp flower itself. The dried flower come in many different strains resembling the exact same aromas and flavor than its high THC counterparts. 

For people who want to smoke hemp and experience the potency and vibrancy of the strain without the ‘high’ feeling, CBD hemp flower Special Sauce strain is right for you. Among many other options, smoking a Cheef Botanicals Special Sauce hemp flower holds many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Not only will you experience fast relief from pain and inflammation, but you’ll also be able to enhance your mood. 

But where do you start to look for a dispensary that sells high quality hemp products? Since the market is currently overflooding with manufacturers who want to get their hands on a bit of profit. It’s important to consider a few vital factors before making a purchase, especially online. Source the best hemp flower strains of Special Sauce by applying the following sourcing techniques: 


With web creation becoming more accessible for normal folk, anyone can create a website from scratch and write on it whatever they wish. As a general rule, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Even though this company is claiming to be the best CBD-product dispensary in the whole world, you should double-check their claims. 

Make sure that the company has a registration number by browsing around the website itself. Also see whether they have founding fathers or people who have started the company from scratch. Locate the company’s ‘About Us’ page and verify whether the owners and founders are legit.

Credible companies and dispensaries will most definitely have a quality website with loads of information on it. You’ll be able to find FAQs pages and other blog posts with information on their products. 

A great indication of a company you can trust is when they have relevant reviews, recommendations, and testimonies listed on other websites. If their brand is mentioned in YouTube reviews, or on other CBD-niche blog posts, then chances are they are worth talking to. 

Check whether they hold any accreditations like BBB accreditation or have any affiliate programs. Making sure that the website is legit and that the company has a physical address, will make you feel at ease. Especially if you are planning on buying bulk products. 


Since anyone is allowed to farm the hemp plant, quality of the soil and farming methods are questionable. Check whether the product is full or broad spectrum to understand the quality of the hemp flower better. Learn more about the difference in full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products in this article.

You can also request to see their third-party lab report, which is a certification given to the company by an objective and qualified laboratory. This certification holds a report of all the ingredients inside the hemp flower strain. Make sure that there aren’t large percentages of any toxic compounds and that there are less than 0.3% THC in it. 

Product names that are recommended by fellow smokers are usually the ones that have the best quality products to offer. When you buy a Special Sauce strain with a low CBD percentage, you won’t necessarily experience the medicinal benefits of it quite as potently as smoking a product with more than 15% CBD in it. 


Another indicator of a great company is when they offer their clients some sort of guarantee. Even though products don’t come with a lifetime guarantee like other household goods, they should definitely have a return policy if you aren’t happy with the product. 

A return policy shows that the company is confident that their product is of good quality and can equal the claims that they make online. This also allows you the opportunity to smoke the product to feel first-hand if it holds any therapeutic results or not. 

In most cases, dispensaries will offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the effects and you have met all the terms and conditions, you will be reimbursed no questions asked. If you are happy, you can always order some more. 


In any business, nothing quite beats good customer care. If you have any questions about the CBD products you should be able to get in touch with a trained and knowledgeable consultant. 

Credible CBD dispensaries and cultivators will have a great team of people tending to your needs. If they don’t, then you might be dealing with an online scammer. Ensure you are more secure online by following some of PC Mag’s top tips of using the internet safer:

As long as you follow the right avenues and double check before you purchase, you’ll be able to source high quality CBD hemp flower in a variety of different strains including the ever so popular Special Sauce.