17 Ways to Enrich Your Life and be Happier

Everyone wants to be happy and according to science they can be.  By following the instructions listed below, you will be able to increase your personal happiness. However, there are a number of things to ascertain first.  It is important to learn which happiness skills you need to enhance, how to improve on your weak areas.

First things first

First of all, you must believe that it is possible for you to learn the skills necessary to boost your happiness. Like believing that you are able to win that online Intertops Poker Bonus! Best to start with the easy things first like practicing gratitude and taking time to do the things that you enjoy most.  These are quick and easy ways to make you feel happy.  They will build your confidence and let you feel like you have some control and ability to change your life.

Learning how to feel better about yourself will add to your progress.  In order to become happier, you need to practice the skills that will take you there.  One of the skills that is most thought to impact happiness is having positive thoughts about yourself. That means noting your good qualities and strengths.

Create balance in your life

Stress will cause you to be unhappy.  If you are overworked and overwhelmed you will be miserable.    Learning to be happier takes time and skills.  You need the time to concentrate on this venture.  Creating a healthy work-life balance is fundamental to this process.

Believe you have the power to change

Start to think in terms of growth.  Having a growth mindset means you believe it is possible to change and create a happier life for yourself.  If you don’t have this mindset, you will settle for what you have.

Create some positive memories

Certain areas of the brain work better with practice.  Unfortunately, our brains are excellent when it comes to remembering negative things. Creating more positive memories will help to strengthen those parts of the brain in charge of remembering things.

Look for the good in every situation

Whatever happens to us can be transformed by the way we view it. Try to see the positive in everything in your life.   Looking for that silver lining will help to keep stress in check and make you more of a resilient person.

Spend less time on social media

It has become apparent that spending too much time on social media, Facebook for instance, can have a negative impact on our levels of happiness.  More time spent in real time interaction is what will increase feelings of well-being and happiness.

Spend money on things that matter

Choosing to spend your hard- earned cash on things that will bring you happiness is the way to go.  For instance, better to forego spending money on that fancy car and instead buy gifts for loved ones or organizing trips and adventures and creating those memories.

Remember to be kind and think positively

If we behave in a kind way, we will feel good about ourselves. The small things matter. A smile, or a kind word can often impact a person’s life.  Try to think positively in your interactions and dealings with people.

The thoughts we think are what are often making us miserable. It is difficult to completely stop our thoughts from spiraling when we begin thinking about something negative that has happened to us.  However, it is important to be aware of the process and halt it by refocusing your thoughts on more positive events before they spiral further down that slippery slope.

Understand yourself and what values are important to you

Understanding yourself, and finding clarity about your emotions and how you are actually feeling will go a long way to increasing your happiness.  As will understanding those things in life that are important to you.  By thinking about what values are important to you, you may discover the things that will make you happier.

Notice the good things

Life can be difficult so all the more important to pay attention to the good things.  By being observant and constantly looking for the good you will become more resilient and better able to deal with things during difficult times. Thinking of the difficulty as temporary and knowing that better times are coming will also increase resiliency.

Imagining and visualizing the life you want.

You can create the life you want by using your imagination and visualizing it. Your brain does not make a distinction between the reality of your life and the one you are imagining.  Whatever you are thinking, your brain assumes it is the real.  We can imagine that happy life and begin enjoying it right now.

Be present, and stay mindful

Imagining and creating the life you want is wonderful but staying mindful is also important.  Being full engaged in your life, experiencing the positive and the negative, will help you to feel more in control of your life.

Understanding what happiness means for you.

Happiness is different for each of us.  We have different ideas and experiences that make us feel happy.  Explore what happiness is for you. How does happiness feel, what does it look like?  The more you explore the idea, the more you will be able to create the happiness you want.

Be adventurous

We all find ourselves at times in a rut, doing the same things day in day out.  Try something new, push through the fear of taking that risk.  Be enthusias

Be brave

Sometimes we feel unhappy with ourselves for not responding to people when we feel mistreated.  Try to be assertive, without being aggressive, by advocating for yourself.  Speak up and learn how to express yourself. You will be surprised at how good it will feel and how happy you will feel about yourself after having done it.

Find meaning in your life

Most of us would like to feel that our lives have some purpose.  Look at your life and explore what gives your life meaning.   You can begin to do more of those things that enrich your life and impact the world in ways that feel meaningful to you.

Invest time in meaningful relationships

It is generally more enjoyable to do and share things with others.  One of the most important elements of increasing happiness is to build and be involved in meaningful relationships. The connection we have with others is vital in terms of our being satisfied and happy with our lives.  It is important to be grateful for the people in your life and to practice kindness towards them.

Keeping account

It is supremely human to make strides in your happiness level only to find that you somehow return back to where you started.  In order to keep boosting your happiness level you need to “get out of your comfort zone”, maybe try some new sports activity or try a completely new diet.   Change things up, try new things.  Variety should be on your list of ways to boost happiness.

Make sure you schedule these happiness activities into your diary as this will help you to do them. Being happy is really up to you, and no one else.  You can build your way to a happier life learning and using these skills.