The Most Popular Slot Games Sequels with Megaways

What could be a piece of exciting news for gambling fans? Mega promotions? Check. Free demos? Check. New bonuses? Check. Sequels to their favourite online slot games? Definitely “yes”. 

The online world knows no boundaries. It can be work from home, online shopping, social media scrolling, or online video games, the Internet continues to provide us with better quality and smoother controls with every new edition. This pandemic specifically has been a win-win for a majority of online sectors. The gaming industry greatly benefited from the high response rate as players all over the world found solace in their favourite online games. Amongst them the top places are taken by online casino games, which noticed a huge rise in its fan base and continues to gain players’ attention every day. 

Understanding Slot Games

Online casinos came in two forms, being either web-based or download based. The former is played online, wherein a variety of games come free of costs, such as Rainbow Riches free play and more. These work on PCs, as well as smartphones and digital devices like the iPad and tablets, as long as there is a stable internet connection. The latter consists of software-based games that require downloading. Technically, these are faster than the web versions, including enhanced graphics and user interface. 

Online slot games, on the other hand, are virtual slot machines, insisting on interactive rounds, bonuses, and interesting variations. They are a major part of online casinos, created to meet all expectations of their fans and provide them with an experience they would love. Slot machines in general, are gambler’s favourite, wherein they play by placing bets on the results of the spins in the machine. Due to this simple gameplay, anyone can operate the machine without needing specific skills for it. 

How Online Slots Work

The online versions take the traditional slot machines up a level, by providing bigger bonuses and a straightforward operation, thus making it easy to understand and play. Below are the simple steps you need to know when you take a try at an online slot, if you haven’t already, that is:

  1. Choose your favourite game from the thousands available on the internet. 
  2. Place your bets, and specify the number of reels as per your gameplay.
  3. Adjust the stake level and the number of spins you desire, be it just one, or a bunch.
  4. Sit back, and relish while you watch the spins and anticipate the symbols. 

Before dwelling on the vast variety of online games, it is crucial to know Megaways. If you are new to the gambling world, the term may seem off at first, but here is a simple explanation.

It is a reel modifier, that works by randomly changing the number of symbols on the reel in a spin. Since the concept of reels is to provide symbols, it has to function in a way that it produces around a thousand variations. This is where the Megaways modifier comes into use, thus providing the players with multiple chances at winning. 

Megaways slot games have taken the internet by a storm, receiving massive praise from fans all over the world. That said, here is a list of the most popular slot games with Megaways, and if or not, they have a sequel:

  • Dead or Alive 2 – The first version launched back in 2009 won the hearts of many, and a sequel was inevitable. Therefore, it happened, with upgraded graphics, bonus spins, and better chances at wins. 
  • Blood suckers 2 – Another game with fantastic features that demanded another part. It attracted a huge fan base, and so the next part is vampire-themed, offering bonus symbols, free spins, and many other advanced options. 
  • Thunderstruck 2 – Featuring Thor and a lightning theme, this game reached heights of success with its 5 reels. Eventually, another edition was released with bonus features and wild promotions. 

While these are just the newly released sequels, there are high chances of other popular games to release their newer versions as well. ‘Bonanza Megaways’, the first-ever megaways slot in the online casino era, offers a thrilling gambling experience and unlimited winning opportunities to its players. Other than this, the ‘Rick and Morty Megaways’ is another fantastic slot game, developed in collaboration with the famous game creators themselves. It offers multiple free spins and bonus rounds. The ‘Gorilla Gold Megaways’ too, has fans crazy after it, as they get to enjoy the gorilla themed gambling. These are some of the most popular slot games with megaways, and there is no denying the fact that fans are highly anticipating sequels. Who knows, we may get them sooner than we know. 

What To Expect From 2021

Advancements in online gaming are already on the move and promise a bigger, and better experience with every new move. Similarly, slot games constantly improve the user experience by providing more rewards, and higher chances at wins. Technology makes everything better, and when it comes to online gambling, well, let us just say, the latest tech will make it go boom. Yes, it is the virtual, and augmented reality option that we are talking about. The invention has won the hearts of many, but casino companies are yet to implement it in their gameplays. However, as of the high demands and expectations of fans stuck in quarantine, that may happen anytime now. 

Many of the online casinos are already hosting live competitions on platforms such as Twitch. With the addition of VR gear, players can enter stimulations that make the whole experience super realistic, and thus, make them less nostalgic of the physical casinos. Along with this, augmented reality will track the player’s gaming skills and adjust their gameplay difficulty level accordingly. With that, players will no longer have to fret over learning casino games and improving their skills to match the level of professionalism that they play against. 

Computers have already taken over, and we can predict the near future as fully computerized. There isn’t a long time to go until we will all be streaming on our VR gears to enjoy a thrilling casino atmosphere.