Hair Transplant Vs SMP

When you get older, particularly in men, hair loss is a common side effect. This is often a stage in life that is dreaded, but in reality, it is completely natural. There are multiple things you can do about this: firstly, you can let nature run its course and embrace your baldness – this may motivate you to work harder on other elements of your appearance, such as your fashion sense or your physical fitness. 

If your hair loss is something that you are particularly self-conscious about, however, there are ways you can combat it. Among the most common solutions are hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation. If you’d like to find out more about either option, keep on reading.  

What Is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is one common way of combatting baldness and this is done through removing hair follicles from one part of your body and putting them on your scalp. Hair transplants involve having a surgical procedure, but this has been done extensively and has had huge success rates. Because the hair follicles are being taken from your own body, it is easy to transport them and the hair tends to grow back after a couple of months. This is much more effective than hair growth creams, which people often spend a fortune on and end up being disappointed with the result. 

What Is SMP?

Another way of combatting baldness is SMP, or scalp micropigmentation. This is a technique which involves having pigmentation applied to the layer under the skin, which gives the effect of a shaven head. It is often known as ‘hair tattooing’ but it isn’t quite the same thing – SMP has a much more natural end look than a tattoo, which would create quite a harsh color. It involves putting hundreds of tiny dots on the head, giving a realistic effect since often multiple different shades and layers are used. This is a similar concept to micro blading, which is when tiny hairs are drawn on the eyebrows to give a fuller look. Instead of hairs, dots are drawn which replicates stubble. 

Which Is Better?

The answer to the question of which is better between a hair transplant or SMP cannot really be answered by one person, since it is entirely subjective and depends on what outcome you are looking to achieve. There are multiple things to consider when looking at either options and it is a sensible idea to do extensive research into both, as well as consulting professionals. They will be able to offer you great advice on each and run through the full processes, as well as recommending which they think may look best on you. 

The first thing to consider is what you want to look like. If you are looking to achieve a full head of hair and replicate what you may have looked like when you were younger, then you will probably be more satisfied with the outcome of having a hair transplant, as this involves actually moving hair follicles in order to stimulate hair growth. However, if you are not too bothered about having hair on your head, but you also don’t want to keep the completely bald look, then SMP could be the best option for you. If you like the look of yourself when you have a shaved head, this could be another motivation to choose SMP too. It must be remembered, however, that SMP will not help you grow hair – rather, it will create an illusion. 

Consider the Pricing

Another thing that you have to consider when deciding which would be the best option for you, is pricing. It is completely dependent on where you are based and which specific clinic you go through, but in general, SMP is quite a bit cheaper than a hair transplant. However, if you do want to achieve a full head of hair, the investment in a hair transplant could be worth it for you. It is important to speak to professionals who do both the procedures first, since some people may be more suited to one over the other. If you are experiencing a bit of hair loss or have a receding hair line but aren’t completely bald, a hair transplant probably would work well, but if you are entirely bald, then SMP could be more effective and therefore worth the money. Both are reported to be quite painful, but try not to let this dissuade you too much – the confidence you gain will outweigh the pain. 

Whichever procedure you choose, you should prioritize your own self confidence and what will ultimately give you the outcome you are looking for. Also, be reassured that baldness and hair loss are nothing to be ashamed of, so if you decide that neither procedure would work for you personally, then getting neither is also an option.