Be the Best Version of Yourself and Visit a FFS NYC Clinic Near You

Being able to express ourselves through our personal identities is what makes us human, and the FFS NYC clinics have become instrumental in letting people express who they truly are. There are some who have a different view of themselves from their physical appearance which ends up in some form of detachment from their personal identity. This is usually experienced by those who are within the transgender community and sometimes extends to those who feel uncomfortable with how they look.

Types of FFS NYC Clinics Can Provide

  • Reduction of Adam’s Apple or the Tracheal Shave

One of the most common types of feminization surgical procedures is the tracheal shave or the reduction of Adam’s apple. Adam’s apple is one of the most prominent features that is seen in the physical appearance of a man and this is the reason why most people who want to undergo FFS wants to reduce their Adam’s apple making the tracheal shave the most common procedure. When a person undergoes the tracheal shave, there will be a reduction in the size of Adam’s apple drastically in order to give it a more feminine appearance. 

  • Lifting of the Brows or Browplasty

Even though this procedure is more common to those who want to fight the signs of aging, Browplasty can still aid in the reconstruction of the face and then give it a more delicate appearance around your eyes. The eyebrows of a woman sit higher above the orbital rim as compared to a man which is why people who want to give their face a more feminine look opts to also undergo browplasty as this procedure lifts their eyebrows into a higher position thereby giving your face a more feminine position. 

  • Enhancement of the cheek or cheek augmentation and reduction

This procedure will depend on the facial features in a person’s face, and then the desired outcome of the cheek enhancement that a person wants to achieve. This procedure will then require either cheek augmentation or insertion, or cheek reduction or removal. 

The cheek augmentation procedure happens when implants are being inserted or fat is being injected underneath the skin in order to create a fuller shape of the cheek. On the other hand, when the portion of the cheek is removed in order to reduce the width and the outward prominence, this procedure is called cheek reduction

Cheek reduction, on the other hand, is a procedure that removes portions of the cheeks in order to reduce the width and the outward prominence of those features. 

  • The recontouring of the chin or Genioplasty

Along with the various FFS procedures, the recontouring of the chin will be dependent on the initial shape of your chin. The procedures included in the chin recontouring are reduction, reshaping, or augmentation of the shape and the size of your chin depending on the features that a person has before the surgery. Recontouring of the chin can also help in the elimination of the asymmetry within your face by making your features smoother and more harmonious and feminine. 

  • Feminizing Earlobe through Reduction

This procedure helps in the enhancement of the shape of the earlobes and the cartilage so to make it look more symmetrical, thereby giving it a feminine appearance. You can also choose to have this surgery done independently or you can also opt to have this done with the whole facial feminization surgical process.

  • The Contouring Surgery and Reduction of the Forehead

This is another common facial feminization surgery procedure that enables the reduction of the forehead and the contouring also drastically changes the outward appearance of a person’s face because of the prominence of the forehead. 

This is another type of surgery that requires great attention to detail because the forehead is the way of making other features of a person’s face look more natural and proportionate. The orbital rims of the forehead will also be reduced in order to feminize the forehead area just around the eyes and help in softening the feature of the face. 

  • Jaw Contouring or Reshaping or Tapering

Jawlines of men are broader and more dynamic as compare to female jawlines which are more delicate and more refined. Thus, when a person is undergoing the facial feminization process, jaw contouring is another option that one will have to undergo in order to create a rounder and more delicate shape of the jaw. 

The jaw contouring procedure is done by shaving the lower edge of the jaw bone in order to give it a more slender shape within the muscles. Jaw contouring helps in facial symmetry and it can help in the realignment of the physical features by way of reconstructive surgery. 

  • Lifting and Filling of the Lip

The lips are an important part of the overall facial feminization as the lips are the center of the face, thus the feminization surgical process and the centering of the other facial features of the lips helps in enhancing its features either through a lip augmentation or lip filling, or corner lips.

The procedure of lifting the upper part of the lip will help in giving visibility of the upper teeth by way of shortening the upper lip in order to give it a more feminine and youthful appearance. Lip augmentation is done through injection into the region of the lip that plump or filling of the lip in order to give it a rounder and fuller appearance. 

The corn of the mouth will be lifted in order to adjust the ends of the month into higher positions thereby giving a person’s face more range and more existing range of motion and emotional expression. 

  • Nasal Surgery or rhinoplasty

The size of a male’s nose is much larger and wider as compared to a female. For one to achieve a more feminine look, rhinoplasty can help in the reduction of the shape and the size of the nose by narrowing or altering a person’s nose internally, or through reshaping and moving the cartilage of the nose into different positions. The nose is also a prominent feature of your face along with the lips and forehead which is why this will also require precision in order to achieve the most desired outcome. With this, rhinoplasty is considered a delicate procedure that will need great attention to detail and an aesthetic in order for your nose to sit properly and symmetrically along with the other features of the face.