Two Habits That Will Change Your Career

Starting your career is hard but maintaining your career is even harder. It’s true that in almost every job, you will face challenges that you could not have prepared for ahead of time by any means, but nevertheless you have to face them when they arrive, or run the risk of losing your growth curve. Most people give up their jobs or lose interest in their work after a few years, and not just because they don’t love what they do anymore, but because of many other factors that play an important part in how their career pans out. Turns out that most people who are successful in their work, do not credit their career growth to just their passion, but also to small and big habits that they have internalized over time that have proved to make a significant difference in their careers in the long term. Here are two of those highly important habits, that if you adopt, will help you grow and bloom your career as you have always dreamed.

Never Stop Learning

To stop learning means to stop growing and everybody knows that’s not good. Learning doesn’t just mean the conventional process of acquiring textbook knowledge. It is much more than that. Keeping yourself updated with your industry news and trends and growing your skills (whether in width or in depth) is a successful way of staying on top of your game. If you are into data analysis, take a course in data visualisation. If you are into information security, get yourself a ceh certification

Not to mention that the best kind of learning is ‘learning from experience’. And the best way to gather more experience is to take new initiatives, do pro-active work and go the extra mile. It also means saying YES to a lot of things that probably don’t fall under your job role or ability. Those who say yes to learning new things and trying out their hand at new projects, end up learning new skills and experience without paying a buck for the tuition and honestly, that is the best way to upskill yourself while you are on the job. Imagine the win-win situation when the employer doesn’t have to pay for your training and yet still gets a trained employee, i.e. you, who is now ready to take on more responsibility and move up ahead in the organisation. It all starts when you say Yes to learning.

Pro tip: During your stay at home in 2020, invest your idle time in learning skills online that will pay off in the future. If you are into forensic cybersecurity, there are plenty of platforms providing ethical hacking course online certification. If you are into graphic designing, there are plenty of certified illustration courses online. It’s all up to you and how you choose to spend your time. 

Make Mistakes

This might sound a little, or maybe a lot, radical. But the opposite is truly conventional and outdated. Not making mistakes is probably the biggest mistake you will ever make. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a mid-level employee or a C-level executive, making mistakes is vital for your growth. A lot of people know what to do, but very few people know what not to do. And that knowledge is precious. You don’t learn what not to do by reading textbooks, articles and success stories, you learn that by making mistakes on your own. Making mistakes is not a sign of failure, it is a sign of growth. Someone who takes the risk of making mistakes is not afraid of trying new things and growing. If anything, it is one of the most important habits that many people lack in the world because either they are discouraged by their superiors, or just simply scared. Remember, when you don’t leave room for mistakes, you don’t leave room for growth.

And in the end, keep in mind that whether you go up or down in your career, solely depends on your habits.