5 Best Gifts for the Bookworms in Your Life

We all have that kind of person around in our life who loves to surround themselves with books. The bookworms are different from other people as they always love to spend time with their books in a cozy environment. They also have birthdays and other occasions in their life. And on their special day, we never go with a regular present as for them books are everything, so we have to think according to their habits. See, generally when it comes to shop a present for a book lover.  We normally think of presenting them with a new book or a new edition of some books right?  But pick out the thing that they are book worms, so, what if they already had that book or are well versed with its content? Then it’s a big issue as no one wants to go through again with the same thing.  

Now, the question that you may have in your mind is- if we don’t shop a libro for book worms then what is the option? Though, let us tell you that bookworms love to receive things related to their books like accessories for the treasure of their knowledge. Play safe and surprise them with some beautiful accessories for their love of life i.e, books. 

So, here is a list of some gifts for bookworms in your life and we hope this will help you find a present for them. Let’s start!

Book cake 

We don’t think that anything should surprise bookworms more than a custom cake of a book. You can customize or theme the cake in the shape of a book(it may be open book or close) , library shaped cake or even more options are there. So, make their special day even more exciting with this custom made cake. If you are thinking from where you should get this then don’t worry as these are available very easily at your doorstep just you have to order cake online from your favorite cake delivery providers. 

Old book scented candles

Nothing is better for a book lover than having a fragrance in their room of an old book. They always have their nose in books, all the time surrounding them with it. This fragmented candle with a sweet mild fragrance of old books will never go, as the wrong present for book lovers.  Your bibliophile will definitely appreciate this present. 

Word seeker bookmark

Bookmarks are very important for any book reader as without a proper bookmark. And it will take time to find the exact page where we left or sometimes it’s hard to remember the important pages of a book. You can shop some slight design book marks for them or even you can customise those. Customize bookmarks with their name or some beautiful quotes that suit them and for sure they will love to receive those presents. 

Bookcase chair

This is like a heavenly thing for bookworms, this bookcase library chair helps them a lot in organizing their books at one place. They will love to have this chair in their house as this is not merely a chair but also works as home decor in a living room. A booklover always loves to be in their own world while reading and for those, this is perfect from a comfort point of view.  

Personalized necklace

Well, well, well now this one is a little different and adorable than all of the above. This is perfect for surprising bookworms with big twinkie eyes and customized necklaces. You can personalize the necklace with their name initials and a hanging cute little book with it. They will carry it on a daily basis and flaunt in front of the world that yeah they are lovers of books. 

Howdy people!!! Here we completed our list of best gift ideas for your scholars. Between, any specific moment is not required for presenting someone with these but the birth of someone is the blessing always. So, for making their birthday special organise a book-themed party for them and yeah, don’t forget to order a themed birthday cake online for completing the bash. And make them feel how clearly you understand them.