Impress New Clients with a Welcome Gift Hamper

Every businessperson desires to forge long-lasting relationships with their clients. This is not an easy task – you first need to attract them, then convince them to remain loyal by gifting quality products, services, and excellent customer support.

A smart way to establish a relationship with a new client is by giving them a welcome gift hamper. Besides being a nice gesture, offering a present to a new customer, creates an impression that your company cares. You can even make it more thoughtful by accompanying the gift with a personal note.

While it has its benefits, choosing a gift hamper for new customers can be a daunting task. This is because you don’t know them well yet, and you risk giving them something they won’t like. If you don’t want to start on a wrong note, here are some gift hamper ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your new clients.

Professional Notebook

A notebook seems like an obvious gift, but it can go a great way in forming a relationship with a new client. You don’t have to give a stack that can fill a bookcase – one can do. Ensure that it has a high-quality cover like leather with your company colours or a subtle logo engraved on it. 


Although they are a common corporate giveaway, calendars never seem to go out of fashion. You can impress your new customers by issuing them with a branded calendar to ensure that they never miss an event. The good thing is that you can download your preferred template from the internet for free.

Gourmet Food Basket

No one can frown at food, meaning that a gourmet gift basket is an excellent present for new customers. With gourmet food hampers, you can cater to everybody’s needs, including vegans and lactose-intolerant people. Make sure that you also include a few fruits for dessert.

Online Courses

Instead of giving your new customer a one-off gift, you can give them something they’ll remember for a lifetime, like an online course. Platforms like Lynda and Blueprint allow you to purchase gift cards for others that they can use to improve their skills in programming, photography, and other passions.


Most modern offices have an open layout. While these make it easy to access workmates, it can also be annoying. This particularly applies if you have pestering colleagues. In such situations, a pair of noise-canceling headphones can come in handy. 

Headphones can put off your chatty deskmate and improve your concentration. They’re also great when you want to participate in an online meeting, listen to music, or play online games on Twitch.

A Handwritten Note

If you are unsure of what to get for your new customer, a handwritten note can do. Don’t wait for traditional gifting seasons to send the note. Instead, send it when the recipient least expects it. You might even get a few referrals for your efforts.


You have to employ smart strategies if you want to retain your customers and keep your business afloat. Keep in mind that consumers have plenty of choices, and they are not obliged to buy from you. However, you can leverage loyalty by offering them a gift hamper, such as those mentioned above, when they first visit your enterprise.