11 Fun Ways to Boost Your Energy and Productivity

To boost your natural energy and increase your productivity, we’ve compiled some fun activities that you can pick up. 

1. Write Your Day 

Most of us have more on our plates than we did before. Feeling overwhelmed by the end of the day due to a feeling of underachievement is demotivating and draining. Keeping a list where you pen down even the smallest tasks can be rewarding. 

Writing has been known to help alleviate stress and unclog your grey cells. Documenting tasks for the day will take up about 5 minutes of your time. Checking off things from that list can result in a boost of natural energy. Every time you complete a task – that small tick or cross to signify completion gives your day a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

2. Eat Up 

Coffee is synonymous with foods that boost your natural energy. But too many cups can lead to some ill effects that are counterproductive.

  • High blood pressure
  • Feeling dizzy and weak 
  • Sharp and annoying headaches

These are just some of the side effects of drinking too much coffee. 

Bananas, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats, hummus are just some foods that act as energy supplements daily. Such food helps you stay alert and focussed throughout the day. 

3. Join the Pieces 

Challenge your brain by doing a puzzle. Perceptual energy is the ability to compare numbers, patterns, letters and more. Stimulate your perceptual energy by taking up a jigsaw puzzle, Sudoku, crossword puzzle, or any other board game.

If you happen to have folks around – team up and play Monopoly, Catan or even a good old game of Solitaire to feel the rush of natural energy.

4. Grow Green

As old as the practice might be, gardening or nurturing even a single plant is gratifying. Caring for a plant is not as easy as it seems. Sunlight, moisture, and love – they all need to be given in ample amounts for the plant to bloom. 

Instead of a rare orchid, vegetables in a pot might be more forgiving – and what better time than the spectacular now to prepare yourselves for an apocalypse. Also, a little dirt never caused any trouble. 

Plants help attract positive energy and eliminate negative energy. 

5. Do Nothing

It might sound like ill advice – but doing nothing is known to increase productivity and boost natural energy. Your brains are wired to feel that utilising every minute of every day is the only way to maximise productivity. This grind is what leaves us feeling weary and exhausted. 

Our brains are constantly consuming information – whether through our work or whether through entertainment. Staring into space and just doing nothing for even up to 10 minutes in a day can be good for your brain as it helps the brain relax.

6. Out With the Old

We could all use a little pick me up from time to time. Nothing like happy memories and old trinkets to leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy. 

Take some time in a week and bring out old photographs, trinkets, souvenirs or even clothes. Revisit old memories and find your happy place. It might help you realize why you started what you are doing now and leave you feeling grateful. Enjoy what you do – it can prove to be the ultimate boost to natural energy.

7. Follow the Light

Due to the pandemic, most of you are at home. Going to the park to soak up the sun is not something that you can do anymore. But getting your daily dose of sunlight is important. Sunlight: 

  • Is a great source of Vitamin D 
  • Helps with better sleep cycles 
  • Improves your eye health 
  • May safeguard you from the 3 most common forms of skin cancer 

Sunlight is known to produce serotonin. This happy hormone can boost your natural energy and help you stay focussed. Sit by the window and soak in some sun – whenever you get the chance to do so. 

8. Drink Up

Instead of the pricey sports drink that just leaves you with a bad sugar high, drinking water has time again proven to be the beverage that enhances the performance of even the most demanding athletes. 

When your body is short of fluids, the first sign that you can mark is fatigue or loss of energy. Water helps to:

  • Boost natural energy
  • Carry oxygen and nutrients to blood cells
  • Normalise blood pressure 
  • Aid proper digestion 
  • Protect the organs and tissues 

Drinking at least 2 to 3 litres of water in a day comes recommended from not just doctors and nutritionists, but also athletes, actors, performers, and many other successful professionals. 

9. Organize

The state of your personal space has a bearing on your mental health. 

There is something mysteriously liberating about organizing something. Whether it be your desk or even a kitchen cabinet – organizing something according to your fancy can be an energy and happiness booster. 

Nobody is asking you to bring down your entire closet but pick a section and try and complete organising that. From an unruly cutlery stand to makeup or jewellery – attempt to achieve small victories 2-3 times throughout the week. To mix things up, you can try color coordinating items, or aligning them to create symmetry. These could sure classify as ‘Gram worthy! 

10. Each One Teach One

In the chase of perfection and making it big, most of us are occupied with learning, unlearning, and then relearning. Taking a break to teach someone else what we have learnt can be empowering. 

From a language phrase to a chopping skill, passing on your knowledge to someone can be a positive feeling that helps you want to learn more.

So, whether it is the 6 times table to your kid or a cartwheel to your dog, each one can teach one. 

11. Look Good Feel Good 

This has been said on a loop for a reason. Looking good and feeling good have an undeniable relation. One rarely happens without the other. Some ways that help you look and feel good are: 

  • Pamper your skin with a DIY body scrub session to rid itself of all the COVID-19 induced stress 
  • Slather on a face mask and reward yourself with a quick fix glow 
  • Massage your feet to experience instant relief 
  • Make your nails pop with a bright nail paint 
  • Put on the fancy dress and video call your friends 
  • Meditate to some melodious music for relief 

Small things can have small but measurable impacts on your daily life. 

While you practice all of this, remember that you are a hero who is contributing to the greater good. To help you along and ensure that you never run out of fuel to continue doing so – we have a small aid – Power Focus. 

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If there are any activities that you feel have helped better your productivity, do share it with us. 

Until then, take Kaer. 


Author Bio:

Amber Tsai is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur in the wellness industry. She values her family and her health above everything else. Upon receiving her MBA from USC Marshall School of a Business, she began Kaer to as a continuation of her family’s legacy in the herbal supplement space.