How to Shop For Wholesale CBD

The CBD industry is rapidly growing and benefitting both customers and sellers. Here’s how to shop for wholesale CBD.

The Type of Products 

Firstly, you need to know what kind of products the wholesaler is offering. Check for different strains, like White label CBD. Also, find out how much THC content is there in the products they have. 

Products having more than 0.3%THC are illegal, and you must avoid dealing with them. The CBD products you choose should be grown from organically grown hemp. In case there are pesticides and insecticides in them, you must avoid purchasing them.

Pricing and Selection

You will find many dealers offering you a multitude of options. However, when you want to make a wholesale purchase, their options reduce. This implies that the company you are dealing with is only in the business to make quick bucks. Find out someone who not only offers you a genuinely wide range of product options but also keeps the price at a reasonable level.

Faster Shipping

Whichever supplier you deal with, you should get your product within a week of placing the order. Anything more than that is just an attempt to delay things. This means that either they do not have the product or they are not equipped to handle the orders in bulk. 

Whichever scenario is true, such companies should be avoided as far as possible. A supplier who wants you to come back to him fills ensures that you get your products quickly.

Customer Support

Find out if the customer support from the company is capable of handling all your queries. For example, are they just available by email with no other means to reach them? If this is the scenario, you must not trust the supplier. Always look for a company with various methods to make it easy for you to reach out to them.


Ever since the industry has gained prominence, most suppliers have started giving importance to their marketing. Most of them have appropriate brochures sharing their crucial information. Are they promoting themselves in the market well? A company that is passionate and trustworthy will make efforts to popularize its brand.


Shopping for wholesale CBD should never be done in a rush. Follow the above tips diligently if you wish to get the best deal. There are loads of dupers in the market as the scope of earning huge money is too enticing. If you want to avoid falling into the trap, do your share of research before making the purchase. 

Check on the online reviews as most customers love to put in their feedback for others to see. In most cases, you will indeed find someone who is the perfect epitome of wide range and price, and your choice would then be simplified.