So You Want to Wear a Sexy Dress?

Many of us end up wearing the same things for years on end, and before you know it, you find yourself in a fashion rut. A closet makeover is a great way of livening up your clothing, and if your style or taste has changed, this is the perfect opportunity to replace them with something new, that is both sexy and practical. 

If you are in a rut, you will have a hard time feeling sexy in your clothing, because half of feeling sexy is feeling confident – and bored does not fall under that category! Although there is much to be said for not wasting money by wearing your clothing for a long time, there is also definite merit it switching out old pieces that no longer suit you, for something more suitable.

Don’t Forget to Play! 

Now that you’re in the right mindset to find a sexy dress, why not try experimenting with styles and colours that you would not have worn otherwise? Dark colours are always reliable, but who’s to say you can’t go out on a limb and find a super sexy dress in a totally unexpected colour? 

When you shop around for the elusive dress, remember that you will always look much better in well-fitting clothes. This means that your dress is not too big for you (which looks frumpy) or too small (which looks tacky). One of the great benefits of embarking on a closet overhaul, is that you discover how much of what you own no longer falls within you taste preference, and how many of them are not doing your body shape any favours!

Turn to blogs, websites and magazines for inspiration, but one word of warning: do not let your tastes be dictated by a clever piece of marketing! Advertisers have to convince you that you’ll look good in something – that is their job – and it is up to you to use your discretion and to decide that a piece is not right for you, even if it looks great on the mannequin in the store. Just because it is sold as a sexy dress doesn’t mean it will be the case for you. 

Get Your Mindset Right

A crucial component of being able to wear a sexy dress, is confidence. Whether you need a pair off high heels to give you that extra boost of confidence, or perhaps you want a new haircut to go with the wardrobe update, bolstering your confidence is definitely the starting point to dressing sexy. 

The final component in creating confidence in your outfit, is understanding how the cut of the dress affects what it looks like. A crew neck can create a wider impression, whereas a v-neck has a slimming and elongating effect. Similarly, remember that the most powerful assets are the unseen ones. Rather cover up that flashing skin – always – as this can be infinitely more mysterious and classy. And feeling classy make you feel confident… which makes you feel sexy. See what I mean?