Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

Vaping is a common among this young generation. Today, we’ll look at different types of vape kits and their pros and cons. We’ll also give you an overview of sub ohm vaping.  

Types of Vape Kits

There are two types of vape kits available in the market:

  • MTL- Mouth to lung vaping 
  • Sub-Ohm – Direct to lung vaping

The most common method is the MTL vaping method. For more about sub-ohm, visit

Sub-Ohm and MTL Vape Kits?

Firstly we talk about MTL vape kits. It is usually made for beginners and it is similar to normal smoking. It has higher propylene glycol, which we call pg and contains a huge amount of nicotine. So those who think MTL vape kits are an excellent option to switch from regular cigarettes, then it is wrong.

Secondly, we talk about the sub-ohm vape kits, which are the better option to switch from normal cigarettes. But why?

  • Larger tanks, coils, airflow
  • Higher VG ( vegetable glycerine)
  • Lower nicotine

These are made specially from MTL kits. Larger tanks flow a good amount of cloud, and it gives you a strong flavor of smoke. It has a higher VG (vegetable glycerine), which is good for health compared to MTL.

Why sub-ohm vape

Sub-ohm kits specially designed for those who love cloudy smoke and a strong flavor to test out. It is a much better option for those who want to exchange the habit of smoking with vaping. It is not as harmful as normal smoking or MTL vaping. It contains a bigger tank that can make a greater cloud making capacity, more flavorful for intensifying e-liquid flavors.

  • Maintain a good PG/VG ratio
  • People love to use more VG

How do you get sub-ohm?

This is a big question but has a short answer. You have a huge option to get sub-ohm from the market. But you need to read about the quality, ohm, tank, watts before you buy. Most noteworthy the kit should have resistance measures less than 1 ohm. The device that you buy should have over 30 watts of power is better.

Sub-ohm vs MTL

MTL kits are for beginners. But have some benefits and cons too. Here they are-

  • Similar to cigarettes 
  • Higher nicotine level
  • Higher pg level
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Not a complicated device
  • Easy to carry 
  • Long-lasting coils

Sub-ohm is good, but it also has some things, which are going wrong for some people.

  • More intense flavor
  • Monster huge devices
  • A huge amount of vapor production
  • Ability to control the inhaler
  • A good option to the choice of flavors

Vaping is today’s trend. But keeping this trend is good for your health. The sub-ohm vaping kit is good for its ingredients like vegetables, lower nicotine, etc. sometimes, people are confused in the market, when they face these two types of vapes. We try to understand what sub-ohm is and how we can purchase and use them. 

The benefits of sub-ohm are very good. In most cases, people fall into various heart problems for taking it. If you are not a smoker, then we suggest not to try out of these. If you frequently use or are addicted, we recommend going for sub-ohm vapes.