What Can I Do With My Loved One’s Ashes?

After your loved one’s funeral, it can take some time to decide what to do with their ashes. But there are many options you can choose from.

There are many different creative ways of scattering ashes in a meaningful way as opposed to keeping them in an ashes container. You could turn their ashes in jewellery or a piece of artwork that represents their life. Here are some more ideas:

Turn Their Ashes to Vinyl Music

If your loved one was a music lover, then this could serve as the perfect idea. There’s a company based in the UK called “And Vinyly” who offer people the chance to turn their loved one’s ashes into playable vinyl records. A vinyl can be pressed with whatever music you like, and the cover can be personalised in a meaningful way.

Keepsake Jewellery

Keepsake jewellery provides a personal and discreet way of keeping your loved one close to you at all times. The very discrete nature of this type of jewellery gives nothing away about what the interior holds and is guaranteed to preserve the memory of your loved one safely.

Memorial Tattoos

Yes, you did read that correctly. Some tattoo studios scattered over the world offering custom tattoos containing human ashes. It involves mixing a relatively small amount of your loved one’s ashes with tattoo ink which is then used for any design you like. 

However, when selecting a tattoo artist, do in-depth research, look at their past work and try to find reviews from other customers. 

Take Flight and Scatter Their Ashes

Did you know that depending on where you live, you can take your loved one on a final flight and scatter their ashes from above the clouds? 

This could be the perfect final tribute if your loved one liked to go on holiday or was a fan of aviation. 

Ashes Into a Tree

As green funerals have become increasingly popular over the years, it’s got more people thinking about how they can be environmentally friendly once they pass away. 

Biodegradable urns are a perfect tribute to anyone who wants to return to the earth without harming it and create a habitat where their ashes will grow into a tree. 

Send Them Off With a Bang (Literally)

There are now quite a few firework manufacturers who can load a small amount of cremation ashes into professional-grade fireworks for you. This could be a great tribute if your loved one was bright and full of personality. 

Scattering Ashes At Sea

Did your loved one like to go on cruises? Or were they keen on the beauty of marine life? If so, scattering their ashes at sea could be a fitting tribute. The laws for scattering ashes at sea are quite tame compared to sea burials. There are no requirements by law apart from needing permission. That’s it. 

Take Them Travelling

If your loved one had a real passion for travelling, then why not take their ashes on a trip around the world and scatter small amounts of their ashes in each country you visit? Maybe they wanted to visit a certain city before they passed away but didn’t get the opportunity, maybe you could lay all of their ashes there instead. 

Simply Keep The Ashes in An Urn

In some cases, less really is more. You may wish to stick with tradition and keep your loved one ashes in a beautifully made cremation urn. There are so many different styles and sizes to choose from and can also place other special things inside one, including jewellery, a lock of hair or your loved one’s favourite item.

Final Thoughts

Whatever option you decide to go for, it’s important that you speak with other relatives beforehand. It can be a very emotional time following the death of a loved one, so it’s best to make sure that everyone is comfortable with what happens to the ashes.