Tips for Sports Betting in Kenya

The sports betting market has always been popular in Africa, with South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya topping the list as the largest and most active markets. If you are living in Kenya and interested in sport betting, this article will give you all the key information for how to start sportsbetting in Kenya. 

 Yes, sports betting is legal in Kenya. Gambling has been legal in Kenya since 1966 when the Act of Parliament Chapter 131 created the Betting Control & Licensing Board (BCLB). 

Any company seeking to operate in Kenya must obtain a bookmaker license and approval from the Kenyan government. These regulations are managed by the Betting Control & Licensing Board. Additionally, companies much be careful to comply with regulations from the Kenya Revenue Agency (KRA). One major challenge for betting companies getting started is managing client’s betting funds and maintaining user privacy.  

Is Online Sports Betting Safe in Kenya?

Online sports betting is safe in Kenya if you choose the right online platform. Since 2011, the Betting Control and Licensing Board has licensed online sports betting apps to accept Kenyan players. However, it should be noted that some online sportsbooks remain unregulated, so if you are considering getting involved, check the website or app to see if there has been approval from the BCLB to be licensed and legally operating. 

Online sports betting in Kenya should offer deposits and withdrawals in Kenyan shillings. If you have access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you can always use this option. Considering the international sports that Kenyan sports bettors want to bet on, like European and African football, but also the Rugby Union, basketball, baseball, and track & field events, it makes sense that online platforms will take cryptocurrency to satisfy an international market. 

How to Get Started Sports Betting

With the spread of technology, online sports betting has become incredibly popular in Kenya. In order to start sportsbetting in Kenya, the most convenient way is to use your phone and find an app that will allow you to transfer money quickly onto a sportsbetting site. 22Bet Kenya App has one of the best reputations as a user friendly app.