Unique Ideas for Enjoying NYC in Luxury

You won’t ever run out of places to visit or things to do on a vacation in New York City. On the other hand, if you want to experience luxury on another level then your destinations are all going to be highly unique. From exclusive nightclubs to helicopter rides, if you can think of it, you can do it in NYC. Accessing the most luxurious services, activities, and sights in New York is all about being willing to venture into the unknown. Here are some excellent and unique ideas for enjoying NYC in luxury on your next trip.

Rent a Yacht and Travel Around the Hudson 

Usually, to traverse NYC and the outer boroughs, you have to do a lot of walking. There’s also the subway system that will take you just about everywhere, cabs, and car services for those who prefer to avoid public transport. Alternatively, you can see a different side of Manhattan and New York by taking a trip on a chartered yacht. The Hudson River is home to many sea vessels, with some of them being available to the public for private travel. Onboard a rented yacht, you can enjoy the city lights from a distance while feeling the gentle rocking of waves in motion. Luxury yachts in Manhattan come complete with dining areas, dance floors, and furnished indoor areas for socializing.

Go on a Helicopter Tour of NYC 

If seeing the sights head-on doesn’t quite leave you satisfied, then touring the skies in a helicopter might be more your speed. Plenty of helicopter tour companies in NYC exist, offering visitors a full suite of luxury experiences. Take off from the top of a skyscraper and travel throughout Manhattan, having the most popular sights shown to you via a bird’s eye view. Enjoy a glass of champagne as your pilot takes you around the most popular city in the world. Take a helicopter ride, day or night, and view the city in luxury.

Go Shopping on the Avenue of Americas 

There are a multitude of shopping districts in NYC that feature luxury retailers and flagship stores. By a huge degree, the area with the highest concentration of luxury retailers is on the Avenue of the Americas. This well-kept street is literally lined with stores run by the most illustrious designer labels. There are also plenty of new talents and emerging fashion designers that are present on the Avenue of the Americas. Shop for luxury items from the brands you know the best and explore NYC to find the newest fashion trends.

Stay in a Brooklyn Brownstone 

Whether you rent a brownstone in Brooklyn from a real estate agent or book through a rental platform like Airbnb, these spacious historic homes have a lot of charm and encapsulate the height of luxury in NYC. In New York City, space is always at a premium. Most residents live in modest apartments and building property of any decree is somewhat of a rarity. If you want to reside in luxury during your NYC trip, you need to book an entire brownstone so that you can lounge in style. Access to a private backyard and maybe even space on the roof for you and guests to relax is also important. You’ll have more room for all of your worldly possessions and have access to the same features, amenities, and comforts you are used to at home.

Exercise Your Creativity

During your time visiting NYC, you will constantly be on the go. But you can still exercise your creative juices. From sketching in Central Park to mixing a new song or two, there are opportunities everywhere. Book some private art lessons or rent a studio session. This Brooklyn recording studio can be rented out for blocks of time in advance of your visit. Imagine staying in the same studio where some of your favorite artists created their biggest hits. Renting space in Brooklyn recording studios is a wonderful chance to make a unique memory on your vacation. Pirate recording studios connect with singers, songwriters, and other musical talent from around the globe, offering private and secure locations 24/7. It’s a great way to get in touch with your music in a new and luxurious location. 

NYC is unique and fun, with a wealth of luxury at your fingertips. Forget about putting on your most expensive outfit and going out to a luxury restaurant. Instead, rent out a yacht and have the party come to you. Everything that is unique in NYC shines the brightest, so be on the alert for a new and unique adventure to go on. You’ll meet creative types, the rich and famous, and powerful and influential people if you explore the luxurious side of NYC. Create memories that will last while enjoying the best of luxury in the city that never sleeps.