How Casinos Get You to Keep Spending Money

It is plain and simple. Casinos will do almost anything to get you to spend more time and, ultimately, more money there. Everything from the bright neon lights to the casino’s actual design and the arrangement of games is so enticing that it’s almost impossible to resist. 

Pretty much every casino goer has experienced the inevitable draw of casino gaming. You come to the casino floor stoked and ready to have a great time, drink a little, play a little, and hopefully earn some money. 

However, what usually follows after a couple of hours spent like this is a shocker. You have lost track of time; you are juiced and at least a couple hundred short. Still, you find yourself at the ATM again, getting more money that is probably going to waste as well. Ultimately, the odds are always in the house’s favor, and that is what most gamblers forget. 

If you wonder how these casinos can get people, who usually make sensible financial decisions and earn their keep through hard work every day, to blow away hundreds of dollars, refer back to the beginning of the text. Everything in the casino, from its seating arrangement, lights, and music, to all those entertainment venues and restaurants, is structured to cloud the players’ judgment and keep them making poor decisions.

The dazzling signs, the liveliness, and commotion on the casino floor are at once welcoming and stupefying. When combined with the marketing strategies casinos employ, such as the appearance of frequent jackpots being paid to lucky winners and great food and drink offers, it is easy to keep going.

Here are some specific strategies that casinos use to get you to keep spending your money. 

Casinos Make Players Use Chips Instead of Real Money 

Players tend to get carried away, doubling down at the blackjack tables or going all-in in poker games because they are betting with chips and not actual bills. However, the truth is that each one of those chips represents real money you had to deposit. 

It is indeed easier to bet big when you are using colorful discs, and even when the bet is lost, the pang that comes from it is not as considerable as what would come from seeing a stack of bills taken away from you. Also, in many casinos, you’re allowed to load your cash onto a card instead of using chips. This can make you pay even less attention to how much you’re spending. 

You Won’t Find a Clock in Any Casino 

Casinos want you to lose track of time and keep playing, betting more, and seemingly enjoying yourself, no matter what time of the day or night it is. If you want to know how much time you have spent playing, you’ll need to have a watch on you. 

Casinos Tend to Keep the Alcohol Flowing

Heavy drinkers are the casinos’ best customers. Even those who occasionally drink alcohol will find the casino’s free booze appealing and will gulp down at least a round or two. Hey, there’s nothing like freebies, right? 

After a couple of rounds, your inhibitions subside, and your judgment gets clouded, considerably diminishing your chances of walking away with winnings in your pocket. Drinks are served at the slots, table games, or anywhere else on the premises, and are usually complimentary, although the patrons tend to give small tips to the waiters and waitresses. 

Casino Floors Are Like Mazes 

The design of the casino floor is meant to confuse you. At times it will appear as if you are walking through a labyrinth rather than a casino. There are no straight paths leading to exits and virtually no signs telling you where you are and where you’re going. Gaming sections are strategically placed along the winding paths to grab your attention and make you try a few hands at the roulette table, even though you were only looking for the restroom. 

Free Housing and Meals Are Offered to Big Spenders 

Casinos frequently offer complimentary rooms and meals to players who have wagered considerable amounts. This way, they put the players in a situation where they don’t need to leave the casino at all, not even to get a good night’s sleep, as everything is provided, and the players can just return the next day and bet even more. 

Casino Decor Blocks the View of the Outside 

The doors and windows of casinos are usually coated and tinted, so players can’t tell the time of day without looking at a watch. The interior of the casino is lit in the same way at all times. The ceilings may even mimic a sunlit sky, tricking players into thinking it is not too late. This way, the players continue to bet more and, consequently, lose more. 

Casinos Put On a Show for Big Jackpot Wins 

In reality, the chances of you hitting a giant slot machine jackpot or having a hot streak at the blackjack table are not good at all.

Still, these major wins are known to happen from time to time, and the casinos want you to know that. When someone hits a big slot jackpot, the lights start flashing, and the blaring sounds capture the attention of everyone on the floor. 

Onlookers will also cheer when someone wins at the poker or craps table, thus contributing to the false sense of opportunity for you to be that next jackpot winner. Even though such events do nothing to tip the odds in your favor, you are likely to keep playing and hoping. 

Bathrooms Are Far From Exits for a Reason 

Upon entering a casino, players are likely to see only gaming machines and tables. In most restaurants and establishments, bathrooms are conveniently placed near exits. In casinos, however, slots and table games welcome you upon entering. If you want to relieve yourself, you need to go all the way to the opposite end of the floor and pass by other gaming opportunities that will encourage you to press your luck. 

All of these points make for spending far more time than you would like in a casino. However, there is still a way to enjoy casinos, and the best way to do so is online. With online casinos, a lot of the above points don’t apply, which makes for a more stress-free experience. For example, with Lord Lucky fast payout online casino there’s added security as well as fast payouts from anywhere – like your own house.