How Often Should I Get a Massage?

There is over 15 thousand massage therapist in Australia, it’s a rapidly growing profession, and for good reason. 

The traditional massage does much more than relax your body. As your body is pummeled by one technique or another the tissues are softened. This breaks up inflammation and increases blood flow to the area. A greater flow of blood means more nutrients to the organs and cells. It also allows toxins to be carried away. This can have a significant effect on the healing time of your body.

In fact, research shows that muscles that have been massaged will regain approximately 60% of their strength after the massage. In contrast, simply resting the muscles return 14% of their strength!

The key, as always, is to find a reputable masseuse, such as this Darlinghurst massage center.

The Frequency Of Massage

One of the most important questions you need to have answered is how frequently should you get a massage. The simple answer is once a week is the best idea.

But, there are many variables that can change this. For example, if the massage is simply to help relieve stress and relax you, it may not be possible to find the time or the fund to dedicate yourself to en massage a week.

However, if you’re in intense pain due to trauma or other muscle-related issues, you may find that it’s beneficial to have a massage two or even three times a week. 

The best advice is to talk to your doctor and your massage therapist. They can assess your condition, what issues you’re are dealing with, and your overall health. They’ll then be able to recommend how often you should have a massage and what type.

Don’t forget, one massage doesn’t cancel out years of bad posture or other issues. I order to really feel the benefit of massage therapy you need to have one done regularly.

Ideally, this is every week, but practically 1-2 times a month is acceptable. Any less than this and you’re unlikely to feel the benefit that massage can offer you.

Types of Massage

Although your massage therapist is likely to advise you regarding the most effective type of massage for your condition, it can be beneficial to know the most common ones. 

  • Trigger Point

This is where pressure is applied to certain points on your body. The process disrupts knots that form deep in your tissues and helps to alleviate aches and pains across your body.

  • Swedish Massage

Swedish massage techniques are more traditional. They utilize long strokes, kneading the body as they go. Friction also plays a part in alleviating tension in the body. This type of massage also uses joint manipulation to improve flexibility.

  • Deep Tissue

As the name suggests this approach kneads the deepest muscles in your body, specifically where you’re experiencing aches and pains. T breaks up the knots and allows your body to heal properly.

  • Shiatsu

Finally, Shiatsu massage uses rhythmic pressure to direct the flow of energy n your body. This is an ancient technique that relies on what is known as qi, the energy of the body.